31 March 2008

Europe, here i come!!

People..I´m off to Europe in 3 days time!!! Not for vacation , off course...Its a bad news from the boss...(and so he says)..where in europe??

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Lisbon
  3. Madrid
  4. Vigo
  5. Madrid (again)
  6. Amsterdam (again)
All n all...i´ll be back by ....never.

hihii...maybe on the 12th. depending on the invitations by our clients..
wish me luck!! since it would be freakin cold there..from the last pinch of winter season in europe....

guess what. i miss malaysia already.


outkhai said...

4 fridge magnets eh?

ofey said...

yeah and thanx for that crappy-tricky-april-fool-jokes that u hit on me going oversea for how many days? like 3 months! ahah... thats lame... phbbttttttt.........

rational thinker said...

sounds like yiour boss is having a romantic getaway with you!

Azealea Dz said...

outkhai- yeap..ada. mari tuntut.

ofey- hahaha..i can still picture u makin the gawk n saying 'aaaa..what m i gonna do when ur gone for whole 3months??' hahahha

rational thinker- haha..not rational enough la..it's bosses, bukan boss je.hahahah