13 March 2008

Hey,kidha...u wonna get jiggy??

alexis@the gardens.
  1. My mocktail (baby-love: mix of pineapple juice & coconut) looks like a tall glass of baby's puke.taste like one too. (for photographic reasons, i have to pose as if i'm enjoying it)
  2. U won't need to spike Diana's drink to switch on her laughing-box.
  3. Jass is super hopeless in finding his way around kl..including carparks!


bastard united said...

Me, hopeless...dammit woman, i found the way out on my own,....hehhehe..
neways, enjoyed myself yesterday..cheers...

p/s : i need a beer to be hyper again....

Azealea Dz said...

hahaha..good for you. that night was an icky reminder for me jgn suke2 choose any other mocktails over my usual shirley temple..lesson learned.huk huk

diana luna said...

azea, actually i'd ask is to puke inside your drink hahhaha