17 July 2007


It's hard being...me.

12 July 2007

Down'd'Hill we go....

It has been a while since the last time i went cycling downhill..On that Sunday morning it seems like the 1st time i've ever ride a bike..hahha..yeah, it's that bad :) We went for FRIM's park where we tried 3 different routes.
1-Rim Trail: damn technical with the cliffs, roots n rocks- where i rolled to the front with the bike on top of me!)2-Along the waterfall route.3-Bloody uphill trail: dont really know what it's called, for all i know i had a bad cramp after forcing myself to cycle up the stiff hill..huhu-maluuu,nyaaah!
Anyway, on our way down from the last challenging-thigh cramping trail, we heard the roar of the rolling thunder and pouring rain coming at us! It sounded like huge rumbling rocks coming down the hill..sheeish! So much of our effort to run away from the rain, we were soaked to the bones when we finally reached the exit. I was dripping wet while having my hot coffee at the stall, but it was heaven still... :) Can't wait to go downhill again.. By the way, here's two different pics. A'an wanted both to be uploaded so it will seems fair for him fos d 2nd pic shows his face much more cleare than the 1st one! Hakssz!


6 July 2007

Haniza & Me...

A tribute to my Lalink ~ a good collegue of mine....~

*Azea + Haniza*

We were interviewed for the same post but hired for a different ones. Then we were good friends ever since! She's my 'Lalink' n I'm hers!
(SCAN's Bowling 2007)

Open House'05
We sort of went for a hairdo which sucks in d end..Haniza's made up curls went totally straight within 1 hour, mine..went dead..(i dont know what else to call it) maybe bcoz it was raining when we went out of d saloon..hmm..anyway..as long as we have each other, limp/super straight/dead hear wont stop us lah! Muah2

AGM '2007

It was one of the most quick event and i really tot Haniza was pretty dat day.. macam air hostess pun aderr..dier penat cemane pun sure senyum jek..juz kalo tgh marah n sakit dia diam skit...kalo x..membebelllll 24/7..hihihi

Makcik yg boleh tahan gaks garang dier.. but very soft in d inside :)
She's could be the sweetest and caring person at the same time..


She'll immedietly make hot tea for me when m having stomachache, buy me 100+ if i'm having my headaches..call n ask how i'm doing if I'm on medical leave dat day...give me munchies+tit bits whenever i'm hungry.. remind me things I would forget for tomorrow..definetly get me souvenier whenever she went for vacations! Transfering her salary into my account every month,without fail! (yeah..that's a bit too much eh? kiddin' kidding!)

*Orange/Red Hair*
The cleaners call her "Cik-Rambut-Merah" -miss red haired. She looks good anyway! hahaha.. better than "Cik Lobak Merah" aite.. :)

Futsal 2007
This is how she looked like in tensed moments..ngeh ngeh

Okay Lalink..juz want u to know that having u as a colleuge and a friend and as a sister means a lot to me..i love u bunches..Muah muah!

5 July 2007

Syaz's Burp-day Surprise

Yep..Yep..It wasn't actually a surprise..
Syaz was actually waiting for Me+Hajar+Nadia+Arifah at Rebung@Bangsar (Chef Ismail's).My bad..my bad..i was rushing from a ping pong match- home-changed n meet up hajar..traffic pulak x cantek langsung.luckly Nadia was like a NASCAR driver..thanks to her, we arrived just after Syaz+Jaja+Ziad sang a song each on d stage..(and so they say..). Everyone looked simply gorgeous n smelled nice! (not that i sniffed them lah!) -u just look at them n u'll know they smell nice (hoping i'm one of it lah.huhu) D food was superb-buffet malaysian cuisine (all this tempoyak patin+asam pedas pari etc)
<---Azea+Syaz+Arifah (Jaja+Haja+Nadia bz amek pic d other side with Ziad) ------------------------ Nadia almost cleaned up d kerang rebus :) Hajar sakit perut the next day (guess why :p) there's drink like Janda Pulang and Comel looking Coconut Shake (white n baby pink blended). Enuff about food (heheheheh..wish i dont haf to stop) then we sat outside n listen to Nadia's version of Menghitung Hari (ada batuk2 in d middle)..then Syaz's Duet with a TV3 guy (Diva habisss) then the best part -Dangdut by Jaja+Hajar 'Dag-Dig-Dug' song..!!!Wish i have the pic of them two trying hard to gelek n read the lyrics (a big green folder) at the same time! Comei bangett!! Jaja+Nadia+Haja ----------------------- Huhuh.... Then it was Ziad's turn. he sang Elton John's-The Way U Look Tonite..sebijik,kau!! And Jaja layan tersipu2 kucing mandi malam..suke lah tu..huhu.Lucky for me and Arifah (and for the rest of them not having to suffer listening to my ever-terrifying voice), Chef Ismail wanted to sing next n he conquered the stage for another3-4 songs with his funny moves..Yeay!! Me and Arifah selamat..hihi. Oh well..then we split d big bday cake n split home after kisses n warm hugs..food was good..the peeps were great.. what else could u ask for?

Kau Kacak + Aku Malu...!!

He Who Claimed 2 Be d' very d' Kacak

It's just a pic that A'an likes so much..for he thinks he looked good n macho n kacak n d list goes on.. :p
Nothing much about the pic xcept that, it was at Azhar's wedding in Ipoh (my collegue) n i sort of embarrassed myself!!
HAhahahahhahHAHhaHAHhHahha..my boss (Shazmi) enjoys joking about it for the sake of irritating me to my skull n laugh out loud looking at my beetroot face! (i hate u shazzy!! argghhh..) -n yes, i still want my bonus,TQ.
back to the point (wish i dont haf to..) after stuffng our face with the food at the wedding, n it was timeto get in n congratulate the bride+bridegroom which both tengah bersanding cantek2 dah ni..(sigh..) Shazmi went first n tepung tawar them..then niza n kawi...then a'an..then me..so then i handshake the bride n the bridegroom(azhar)..but he sort of in shocked n 'jerkah' me..n i realized..i wasnt supposed to salam him..argghhhh...i was sooo embarrassed,in a dash i was outside the hse n 4got the bunga telur n everything..(aaa..malunyee! malunyeee!)
well..there goes another joke of azea humiliating herself for year 2007.
Thank you.