12 July 2007

Down'd'Hill we go....

It has been a while since the last time i went cycling downhill..On that Sunday morning it seems like the 1st time i've ever ride a bike..hahha..yeah, it's that bad :) We went for FRIM's park where we tried 3 different routes.
1-Rim Trail: damn technical with the cliffs, roots n rocks- where i rolled to the front with the bike on top of me!)2-Along the waterfall route.3-Bloody uphill trail: dont really know what it's called, for all i know i had a bad cramp after forcing myself to cycle up the stiff hill..huhu-maluuu,nyaaah!
Anyway, on our way down from the last challenging-thigh cramping trail, we heard the roar of the rolling thunder and pouring rain coming at us! It sounded like huge rumbling rocks coming down the hill..sheeish! So much of our effort to run away from the rain, we were soaked to the bones when we finally reached the exit. I was dripping wet while having my hot coffee at the stall, but it was heaven still... :) Can't wait to go downhill again.. By the way, here's two different pics. A'an wanted both to be uploaded so it will seems fair for him fos d 2nd pic shows his face much more cleare than the 1st one! Hakssz!


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