5 July 2007

Syaz's Burp-day Surprise

Yep..Yep..It wasn't actually a surprise..
Syaz was actually waiting for Me+Hajar+Nadia+Arifah at Rebung@Bangsar (Chef Ismail's).My bad..my bad..i was rushing from a ping pong match- home-changed n meet up hajar..traffic pulak x cantek langsung.luckly Nadia was like a NASCAR driver..thanks to her, we arrived just after Syaz+Jaja+Ziad sang a song each on d stage..(and so they say..). Everyone looked simply gorgeous n smelled nice! (not that i sniffed them lah!) -u just look at them n u'll know they smell nice (hoping i'm one of it lah.huhu) D food was superb-buffet malaysian cuisine (all this tempoyak patin+asam pedas pari etc)
<---Azea+Syaz+Arifah (Jaja+Haja+Nadia bz amek pic d other side with Ziad) ------------------------ Nadia almost cleaned up d kerang rebus :) Hajar sakit perut the next day (guess why :p) there's drink like Janda Pulang and Comel looking Coconut Shake (white n baby pink blended). Enuff about food (heheheheh..wish i dont haf to stop) then we sat outside n listen to Nadia's version of Menghitung Hari (ada batuk2 in d middle)..then Syaz's Duet with a TV3 guy (Diva habisss) then the best part -Dangdut by Jaja+Hajar 'Dag-Dig-Dug' song..!!!Wish i have the pic of them two trying hard to gelek n read the lyrics (a big green folder) at the same time! Comei bangett!! Jaja+Nadia+Haja ----------------------- Huhuh.... Then it was Ziad's turn. he sang Elton John's-The Way U Look Tonite..sebijik,kau!! And Jaja layan tersipu2 kucing mandi malam..suke lah tu..huhu.Lucky for me and Arifah (and for the rest of them not having to suffer listening to my ever-terrifying voice), Chef Ismail wanted to sing next n he conquered the stage for another3-4 songs with his funny moves..Yeay!! Me and Arifah selamat..hihi. Oh well..then we split d big bday cake n split home after kisses n warm hugs..food was good..the peeps were great.. what else could u ask for?

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