6 July 2007

Haniza & Me...

A tribute to my Lalink ~ a good collegue of mine....~

*Azea + Haniza*

We were interviewed for the same post but hired for a different ones. Then we were good friends ever since! She's my 'Lalink' n I'm hers!
(SCAN's Bowling 2007)

Open House'05
We sort of went for a hairdo which sucks in d end..Haniza's made up curls went totally straight within 1 hour, mine..went dead..(i dont know what else to call it) maybe bcoz it was raining when we went out of d saloon..hmm..anyway..as long as we have each other, limp/super straight/dead hear wont stop us lah! Muah2

AGM '2007

It was one of the most quick event and i really tot Haniza was pretty dat day.. macam air hostess pun aderr..dier penat cemane pun sure senyum jek..juz kalo tgh marah n sakit dia diam skit...kalo x..membebelllll 24/7..hihihi

Makcik yg boleh tahan gaks garang dier.. but very soft in d inside :)
She's could be the sweetest and caring person at the same time..


She'll immedietly make hot tea for me when m having stomachache, buy me 100+ if i'm having my headaches..call n ask how i'm doing if I'm on medical leave dat day...give me munchies+tit bits whenever i'm hungry.. remind me things I would forget for tomorrow..definetly get me souvenier whenever she went for vacations! Transfering her salary into my account every month,without fail! (yeah..that's a bit too much eh? kiddin' kidding!)

*Orange/Red Hair*
The cleaners call her "Cik-Rambut-Merah" -miss red haired. She looks good anyway! hahaha.. better than "Cik Lobak Merah" aite.. :)

Futsal 2007
This is how she looked like in tensed moments..ngeh ngeh

Okay Lalink..juz want u to know that having u as a colleuge and a friend and as a sister means a lot to me..i love u bunches..Muah muah!

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haniza said...

lalink...nice comment on me, huh???but, hey not everything is true...anyway, thank you and love ya!!!!