29 April 2008

Ototo Imotos'..we did it!!!

..to the Queen's We Will Rock You Musical in Singapore!!
Flew from Heathrow,London straight to KLIA and get on the car to JB..
Happy Birthday,Uesman...from all of us, the OIs..!! muah2!!


Behind the scene of the loonie-goonies (setting the timer off..set it for a 5sec /10 shots)

and running...

more running... (and some flying it seems..)

finally made it..

and the fat-ass-chic made it!!! yeayy- uesman running from the side..

and there he is...(with his flying queen rock kick)

and his super-rock landing..

ofey- queen in the making. uesman..somewhere out of the scene.running.again.

he finnally made it in.

finally tired of running around..

then went for some wafer ice cream...guess i bought from who..

some loonies with weird fetish for ice creams & motorbikes.

then..someone was hungry..guess who. the black walrus!!

cute name eh..turned on yet?
..all the traveling (15hours flight from london-kl,5hours drive from kl-jb and finally the 4hours back from jb-kl) n jumping at the esplanade..cost me my Monday...totally flat out like a dead-starfish! (err..i have no idea how an alive one look like)
and guess what...cant wait for another trip like this one again!!! weeee!!

11 April 2008

Guess what!

I'm now using the concierge's PC at the Marriot Amsterdam Hotel. Guess what, my room has a high tech tv with all kinds of channels (its amsterdam so u can guess what's in it..hahah) but then..my laptop could not access the internet...wtf!! argg...now i look like one of the hotel's personnel. (it's 1.35am in the morning and i'm wearing my frog-princess pyjama pants. i better go before any of the customers here start asking me for directions. I might tarnish the hotel's reputation with what m wearing now.(what ever that's left lah.hahah) nite2..hugs!!

ps: the weed here is...superbbbbbbbb...n i miss u guys in msia...hugssss

6 April 2008

From Europe with Love, Love and more Love!!

Here are some pics. will elaborate later...3rounds around Vigo, now i'm totally flat-out :) -click on the pics for a larger view..

Lisbon. Portugal...totally magnificent!!!

Delayed transit to Vigo from Madrid....*sigh..

Finally, in Vigo...perfect weather!!!

okay...it's 12++ am now..lator gators!!! HUGGZZZZ