11 June 2007

BANDUNG-JAKARTA by Crazee Malaysians (Part II)

>>Jakarta (I cant recall when..hahah-pls refer to Part 1)
Yup! What an old thing to post up in a blog..it's something i had to do so i could sleep peacefully at night.(yeah rite..).well actually, i have to do this in order for me to post up my recent backpacking (if u say Aug'2006-recent.hah) in Bangkok-Phuket..it has to be in order! so people wont see me as a jumbled/messed up chic (i'm a chic now? wow..), (which i already am (messed up) )by the way she blogs.nope..we dont want that do we? okay back to jakarta.*sigh.. after Bandung, we went for Jakarta, spent a few days there...
-->>Rantau Abang-shopping,Glodok-dvd shopping, few other places-shopping (what else could it be? duh)..then some serious fooling around+truth@dare game while waiting for the rest of d ladies.. ------------------>>
Hard Rock Jakarta & Planet Hollywood..nothing much there..better crowd in Malaysia.
Then there's massaging & lulur session(scrubbin') d lady scrubbed me all over the place!!We went to the 'Workshop' a club with fantastic collections of Harleys, lots of pool table with HUGE space to fool around..and a club to get jiggy with it..

One thing i realized..the coverbands there we only singing old songs such as Gloria Gaynor's-I will survive, Bon Jovi's-Bed of roses..and was not even familiar with Muse or Korn. (Whattt???) I almost requested for air supply..hahah.We went for some more pool..went swimmg too in a big jacuzzi n some 3 on 3 basketball..and finally..we managed to look silly at the airport on our way back..too much Jakarta i guess..I'm content,for i get what i wanted from Indonesia -SATAYPADANG + TEH BOTOL!!! dat was all i need..hihi.i managed to pester our jakarta collegue to take us to satay padang, where on of us managed to act drunk and perform along with the side singers..(i did too..!) oh well..that was all..overall..Jakarta reminds me of traffic jems in KL on rainy day..

8 June 2007

World Without Strangers..

What's d point of this post? I have no idea myself. This flu is damaging my brain cells (if there's any of them left lah.) Oh well..i'll try my best to make sumthing out of this.. hmm..World without Strangers..does it mean that there should be no fear in d world? No fear means no realism, chauvinism nor prejudice even pessimist peeps.cops would be out of job, no insurance policy crap, no such thing as bodyguards or securities etc. and for all i know, i'll be the only person in d family to be out of work..parents both in education line..bf in accounting/auditing (considering him as a famlily now? oh wow..) m the only one in security line..securing what? m not telling ya! okay, m out of ideas now..later gators!

7 June 2007

I MiSS u KaKaK..

One of Ofey's Lomo Sampler Pict.I miss u lah kakak...huhuhu.

Gals Nite Out..

(Sugar Nites)
<<---------------------- O yeah, that's right..this is one of the girls night out..can't seem to get the weekends for my outdoor xtivities lately..so,aside from my monday futsal frenzy, this would be one of my sweaty xtivities over the weekdays. it's still healthy considering i didn't smoke nor drink..fooh...
(Wild K-roke Nite)
- ------------------------->>
For good lungs n heart(yeah,rite), i go karaoke. yeay. with Didie in d hse,u wont need pills/shots or weed to go crazy n hyper.. her 'stunts' (dats what i classify her moves as) were addictive.i never knew i could go that crazy dat nite.we totally trashed the place,man..(6 of us..including shidah-the married one,has n didie's fren) hey..it's been ages since i blogged in huh? i miss myself posting in here..pathetic, yeah..i know. so what? i'm just trying make it clear that i'm still alive n kicking (and blogging)..huhu
. Cheers....