8 June 2007

World Without Strangers..

What's d point of this post? I have no idea myself. This flu is damaging my brain cells (if there's any of them left lah.) Oh well..i'll try my best to make sumthing out of this.. hmm..World without Strangers..does it mean that there should be no fear in d world? No fear means no realism, chauvinism nor prejudice even pessimist peeps.cops would be out of job, no insurance policy crap, no such thing as bodyguards or securities etc. and for all i know, i'll be the only person in d family to be out of work..parents both in education line..bf in accounting/auditing (considering him as a famlily now? oh wow..) m the only one in security line..securing what? m not telling ya! okay, m out of ideas now..later gators!

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