31 March 2008

Europe, here i come!!

People..I´m off to Europe in 3 days time!!! Not for vacation , off course...Its a bad news from the boss...(and so he says)..where in europe??

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Lisbon
  3. Madrid
  4. Vigo
  5. Madrid (again)
  6. Amsterdam (again)
All n all...i´ll be back by ....never.

hihii...maybe on the 12th. depending on the invitations by our clients..
wish me luck!! since it would be freakin cold there..from the last pinch of winter season in europe....

guess what. i miss malaysia already.

19 March 2008

My 1st Putrajaya Night Ride.

Date : 13 March 08
Peeps : Me, A'an, Syaz, Hafiz, Lyn & Zul
Distance : 8 km (hahahha..pathetic me)
Max speed : 42 km/h

Me & A'an were late. The rest went on without us at 8.30pm and we arrived at 10pm!! Hafiz is a true roadie now with his new Scott (new airbrush,mind u) and shiny-tights roadie attire and i remembered he told me once Offroad will always be No.1..(yeah,rite..-mentally eyes rolling) Syaz was fussing about her tired-sweaty look which i think she looks perfectly gorgeous as usual. So me & A'an went on racing and challenged each other for the stairs. God, i need a new fork! I love the fact that there was no traffic & ugly-trapping road holes to worry about. How i wish we were there earlier..*sigh*

Jimmy's gayish payback..haha

My Ick point was when Ben cups Jimmy's boobies and confessing it's bigger than Sarah's! Hahaha. What a payback.

Oh, n if you're STILL wondering, it's a payback to this.. The Sarah f@ckin' Matt Damon song

18 March 2008

How smart do u think u are?

Let's test our dusty-rusty IQ for a bit here....

If you're soooo smart...guess these!

IMAGE #1 (u have 5 seconds)

Got it? Okay,u may proceed to the next image...

IMAGE #2 (u can have all the time in the world for all i care)

Keh! Keh! Keh!

17 March 2008

I’m a klutz!

Sya~sya toppled off from my desk this morning and there was a loud crash.I blame my super long prada document bag strap for that!! Arrrggghhh!!!And now…my baby has a scar. but darn! she’s barely 3months old!!

Yeah...I’m a klutz,indeed!

15 March 2008

Congratulations, Nana-munchkin!!!

Liyaness…. (Liyana+lioness)!!
Congratulations for your 8A’s for SPM!!! I’m so proud of u, my dearest lazy bum sist…I guess all the sleeping & drooling over Wentworth Miller really works huh? I truly believe this will take u higher and higher in life (no weeds/bongs involved) I wish you great success wrapped around with my warm, gooey smooches+ hugs and all the love in the world for you!! 100x yippies for Liyaness!!!

13 March 2008

Hey,kidha...u wonna get jiggy??

alexis@the gardens.
  1. My mocktail (baby-love: mix of pineapple juice & coconut) looks like a tall glass of baby's puke.taste like one too. (for photographic reasons, i have to pose as if i'm enjoying it)
  2. U won't need to spike Diana's drink to switch on her laughing-box.
  3. Jass is super hopeless in finding his way around kl..including carparks!

11 March 2008

Dude..u need help la dude..!

Fahmy : …… …… …. ….

Azea : .. .. ….. …

(Absolute silence, background- roaring engine of Fahmy’s car going 160kmph)

Jass : Ha?! Ha? Who said porn?? I heard porn.


10 March 2008

Misai,baby? is that u?

How the hell did our baby Misai get there???!!

Sat Mar 8, 1:22 AM ET

CLEVELAND - A scrawny, black and white female kitten has apparently survived a trip across the Pacific Ocean and North America inside a shipping crate. Cleveland Animal Protective League Executive Director Sharon Harvey says a Cleveland company that received the crate of spooled steel coil Friday found the kitten inside one the spools.

This is our actual baby Misai... a male. I miss u babe!! Miss having you on the keyboard seeking for attention from us who were too busy Counter Striking! Miss looking at you staring out the window and wagging your tail excitedly at the jumping & screaming kids from the nursery next door. Long for the hide & seek games..
haiya..must go see you la in one of these days...must.must.
Ampang CS peeps, (Ofey,Wawa,A'an & Man) jom??

9 March 2008

What would you do for love..

I'm going only 30% lovey-dovey here..wouldn't want any readers to barf half way through reading this post (if, there's any readers to begin with, lah kan) I'm blaming Suresh on his post about Love ..I'm impressed that he even quoted Socrates!! hahah, Sue dear..didnt know ur such a soft-hearted love-drunk baby!

For me, Love is very simple. Before I explain why, let me tell you the pathetic bibliography of my so called love life. I've been in 3 serious relationships before. I am not proud to say that it was I who ended all 3. I'm the loser for not having the patience and toleration. ( I'm not sure if that was all I'm lacking) But I know, it was a good call for both sides to end it once and for all.. My 1st love lasted for 3 years while 2nd lasted for 4 fat years. The 3rd lasted for almost 2 years. Still friends and keeping touch,mind u. I am now in my 4th relationship which I hope is the last, soon reaching it's 5th year anniversary :) wippieyy. All these, however did not qualify me to be a Love~Doctor. yet.hahah (ambitious) but still, (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)I believe i have the general idea on how to nurture a relationship.

Treat your partner as how u wanted to be treated. Eg 1: Having an affair/fling. Can you stand it if he's doing the same? what would you feel then? Eg 2: Do you like to be cuddled? Or getting surprises? Instead of expecting him/her to cuddle you or giving you the surprises, cuddle your partner as much as you wanted to be cuddled and give lovely surprises at least expected. Eg 3: Before you start lying to him/her, ask yourself could you take if he/she is lying to you? Don't make make him/her jealous if you don't like to be jealous, don't hurt him/her if you yourself don't like to be hurt. That is how sometimes Loyalty is earned...
Forgiving is one of the hardest thing to do but before you decide to give him/her a cold shove, imagine if it was u in the other end and ask yourself do u deserve to be forgiven?
Love & appreciate each other like there's no tomorrow. This might sound too cheesy but, imagine if one of you had an accident and died tomorrow (touchwood!) The sore of regret would be too much to handle.Try and watch this movie If Only by Jennifer Love Hewitt and you'll understand what i mean.I never cried for movies but I almost did for this one. In Cloverfield, they were extremely lucky to find each other and in the end die together while saying their I-love-you's. EXTREMELY lucky! (eyes-rolling kind of luck).why can't it be like this?- He: I love you babe. She: Err..I love you too but i think I'm in love with someone else now. (Kaboooommmm!!!! Both died) damn, that would be cool! Back to the subject. This is to justify why you should never hold back what you feel towards each other until it's too late.
Patience is virtue and so is Tolerance...there's a limit to it but you wont regret if you use them as much as possible. You wont see the outcome there and then but in given time and day, you will earn your gold. Eg: Before shouting at him/her try and stay calm and resolve it nicely. I have to admit that it's an ultimate relief to shout but the truth is shouting would only make it worse where the shouting contest would start then comes the throwing stuff at each other and finally the violence (beating etc) then finally the crying.It would be too late then for the wound would be too deep to heal.
NEVER go for looks! unless you have a mind-reading ability, your 1st impression might change once you get to know a person. At that point of time you will only realize that he/she has a great personality and that what makes him/her irresistible! Never ever expect to get a partner who resembles your fave celebrity.Looks will fade, teeth & hair will fall, boobs will sag and skin will wrinkle.and there you go..a crumpled,knee-shaking partner for life! If it's personality that you're succumb to, trust me, it's an eternal charm which will definitely last longer than looks.

There are more in regards to nurturing love but these are the things I actually applied in life but sometimes forgot to do so for love.This post would be a reminder for me too keep this essentials as my principles in both love & life from now on..

God, I'm soo super cheesy this time and the blame is on you, Suresh !!. Let's go barf now! Bbbbwwwweerrrkkkhh!!!

5 March 2008

2 Naughty Jakarta Monkeys!

Victor(white sweater), Tesna(Green striped) & Dion (goofy face with blue sweater..haha)

This is Indra & Ayu (from SCAN Jakarta)

Indera (Most left) Ayu(front) -Family Randevous'08 @ Damai Laut.

L-R: Indera,Victor, Ayu, ABE :)

Indra:Hi,may i speak to Miss Azi? Are u still interested to work with us in Jakarta?(
Indo accent)
Me: Yes, what??
(Wondering when d hell did i applied for a job in Jakarta..)
(i made him repeat himself a few times)
Me: For what post am i offered now,again?
Indra: Err..
whispering- finance ya? Ooo..ya, Finance..finance.
Me: Owh, no then. I'm not qualified for..wait. Is this Indra?
Indra: Ahahahah
Ayu: Hey Azi...kenal tak siapa ni...
Me: Monyet!!!! Ni ayu n indra ya...jahattttt....
Ayu: Kenapa nama kami tak ada dlm farewell post azi??
Hazim: Wei, kitorg tgh tgk blog ko nih...aku balik Msia minggu ni..
Me: Ciskek!! Siap korang.

Here is a tribute to my fellow friends in Jakarta (some has left SCAN,but still..u guys are a great bunch of people i would cherish for life) they were a wonderful hosts & hostess when we went for the Jakarta-Bandung trip 2005..Dion,Tesna & Victor, thank you for the crazy night around Jakarta! Ayu,Indera & Victor..u guys were great & fun during our Family Randevous'08 in damai Laut! Total sport! Hope too see you guys again next time..do keep in touch ya!! HUGGGSSSS!!!