15 May 2008

si budak gemuk kurus : tekan itu tempo

one of my fave clips. i'll be goofy-laughing each time at the part where the hotdog guy squirting mustard around! if you dont think so, i have to say ur abnormal. go and get a shrink.u might be a sad-depressed-workaholic. heh. anyhu, now the song reminds me a lot of charlie's angels..(cool soundtracks..love the barracuda & turning Japanese!!)

9 May 2008

Dance! Dance! Dance away....!!

Soooo into dance music now.
yah yah..dance dance!

<---lil' lioness cub gettin' jiggy with the mop!

YEAY..!!...postponed due to unevitable reasons!!!!

(enuff said)

wokeh! let's plan for the weekend!!

7 May 2008

The never ending traveling..

Just when i thought I could sit down and relax..maybe clear all my post drafts...I was instructed to travel again.. to Azores Island in Portugal, Madrid and Paris for the whole 2 weeks!!! then to KL for a week..and off to Bangkok for another week! I really dont have to unpack at all..rite?