15 January 2009

I was not domestically abused.

The terrible bruises were caused by the paintball match we had on sunday.
Thanks to Ederq, (who I forgot to take a picture with on that bruising-ourselves-willingly day..) we are proud to declare that we are now non-virgin to paintball!!! Yeayy!!
it was indeed fun and it would be much greater if Nana brought her sports shoes and Ofey was not with a fever..we could have celebrated your b'day with shooting our orange pallets at you non stop! hahaha.. enjoy the flicks. daa

14 January 2009

an unplanned 'makan-makan' and an intense wii battle

yep..i hope the slide explains it all.. It was meant for a lunch date between us ex-mrsmbp mates since Atun is back from Japan for the short hols. (Me, Hannah, Atun, Shady, Sarah & etc). It was at the right timing since A'an is off to PD with the guys to recce their reunion getaway spot till late afternoon. Then, thanks to Atun, it was postponed to dinner..(can't blame her, she rarely sees her bf,so bagi chance la...hihi) While we were cooking (3 of us peeps), A'an & his mates (Jass & Khai) planned to hang out as well, so the makan-makan becomes for ex-SSI mates as well (7 peeps now). Then Hannah invited Elle who brought along he sister-Hana,who later invited her hubby as well (now 10 peeps) then Shady finally popped in with her sister-Shatrah (now 12 peeps!) Imagine how kecoh ketiak I was..but I have to say, it went well..the food was great (angkat bakul time!) Loads of laughing and choking on the food+drinks for laughing to much.(some may have peed a little, I dont know, since no one in their right mind would want to admit that) Then the wii battle begins..all i can say is, some went home in despair for loosing their cash, and 1 went home with extra bucks that night. hahah.. the night ended with me sprawling in front of the tv while A'an gave me a foot massage..Heaven!

point to note: I must do that long postponed house warming...ramai dah tanya ni..*sigh*

6 January 2009

Bubbye scenery along my lrt route to work..

i' am now taking the LRT to work where I started off with a 25minutes of STAR and a switch to another 10minutes of PUTRA. so all in all including the waiting, I have about 45minutes everyday to either checkout my nails and memorize every dead cuticles and grime, or..look at other people's head and wonder how could they have such thick mane while mine is so thin even the orang utan wouldn't bother to consider me as a cousin. but among all these, i chose to catch up on my reading. all the books i've missed due to the hectic life i call w.o.r.k -lame excuses that will work every time-. thanks to Diana's library of wonders....here are the books I've read since early Dec'08 till today. (yep..i know, i need speed reading skills..*sigh*) 1 point to note, it's not what you will get out of the books that is so enriching, it's what the books will get out of you that will ultimately change your life..that is what i think reading a book is all about..

princess-by jean p.sasson
made me realize how fortunate i am to be born a as Malaysian woman although a great2 grandmother was a Sharifah from the Arabs. I have never considered being a princess as lucky. Well, most of the time when I was reading this at home, A'an would look up from his wii, and reminded me not to scowl while reading.(glad no one in the LRT did the same. malu woo) Quite intense, especially when she explained on the rituals of women circumcision at the age of 12 and above.I get goosebumps even just to type about it here like this.

for one more day-by mitch albom(just as i thought that tuesdays with morrie was the best..) this become my favourite book of the month! you will miss your mother a triple more when u're finished with the book. made you realize how unlucky your mother is to have u as a child.mitch albom sure does know how to screw with your feelings. damn u,mitch! he tought me that parents are the most selfless being on earth where we kids need to be reminded every minute on this fact and appreciate them double more while we still can..Now I can't wait to get my hands on the 5 people u meet in heaven.

riding in cars with boys-by beverly donofriodrew barrymore suits the part. no one else could be imagined more stoned-hippie and lovely at the same time. wierd that the kid didn't turn out to be a junkie too.

lovely bones - by alice seboldi like the twist of how a soul looking out for the people she/he loves. the missed clues to the murder and how a family could fall into pieces from a pain of missing someone so much. but alice made heaven sounds a bit boring and lonely to me.

the sisterhood of the traveling pants-by ann brashares
this reminds me of the teenage books i've read from the school's library. brought me some deja vu moments too. i am head over heels for Birdget already. god, i'm so gay.

the secret life of bees- by sue monk kiddhalf through this book, i saw a trailer of the movie. i have to admit, the cast fits the novel pretty well! i got addicted to honey after reading this, and caught myself sending love whenever i saw a bee. dumbo me!

the alchemist- by paulo coelhothe neverending journey, made me parched halfway reading the book where santiago was traveling through the desert. the sharp words about life and how funny i read most of the words said by the King & the alchemist twice for they hit me on the forehead as being so accurate of what i've been dealing with lately.

(currently reading)
the monk who sold his ferrari -by robin s. sharmai want a ferrari!