3 August 2010

It wasn't that bad at all :)

The Mercury Monsta (022)- June, Me & Syaz

I survived! we survived!
We (Mercury Monsta) finished 33/45 with time 1hr 58mins
First place finished at 1hr 9mins.
49 mins difference for a non-pro like us dah cukup bagusssss :P
Congrats ladies and thanks to all who supported us!

m I'glad with the KKK group as well who finished at 29th place :)

Next... is the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2010
it's a 2 days race (6hrs endurance and 1hr++ sprint)
Another suicide attempt..hi hi

30 July 2010

Will this be another suicide attemp?

Mountain Bike Speed Challenge 2010 by Putrajaya Challenge Park
It's tomorrow.
It will be my first race ever! (The one in Uni doesn't count eh)
It will be a relay race against time.
I would be in the only all-girls-team competing against the mixed and all-men-team
I will be the first rider, Syaz's second and June to wrap it up.
So for those all-men-team who finished later than us, you can go back and cry under your mum's armpits and put up your bike in the bbs for sale. hi hi
All the best dear ladies and the rest of the team out there. ..let's have fun!!

28 July 2010

It has been a while..

..since I last cook :)
and here is the evidence!

is this an alien invasion? guess again..
It's my shallots in the fridge! :D

Thank god the fried kuey teow I made was eatable. he he

21 April 2010

Semangat Kentang!!

Date : 21 April 2010
Peeps : Farooq
Distance : 28+-km (Ampang - Melawati up to Daim's residence -Ampang)
Max speed : km/h (both didn't bring along the gadget)
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

Yup! I went for a ride again this morning. I was all flat like a dead fish early in the morning until Farooq sms came in for a ride. Yeaaahhh!! Funny how a sport could make u all charged up and flat and charged up again within just 12 hours. In 20mins we meet up at Flamingo's and head on. it was my 1st ride ever on MRR2 and up to Melawati. and not to mention, Daim's 'little' place :) we went up until the gate to the dam and turn back to the along the Melawati area and then Farooq lead me back for a second loop. Oh ooooo! I screamed a bit out of ..I don't know, shock maybe and told him to go ahead and I'll just wait since I dare not to push myself too much for I do not want to be too tired for my appointment later, but then maybe out of empathy he decided to turn back as well :p (I hate it when people had to turn back for others but since he explained he need to finish early anyway, so I dare not to argue further.heh) It was all cycling for my watermelon juice then. Then we head home, hit the showers and head out for my 1pm appointment. I love the feeling after the fresh shower,after a good workout. My whole body and mood felt loose and light and my appointment turn out to be a successful one! To hell with the tan line and Oyeahh...I love my weekday & weekend warriors! (Yes, you know who you are!!)

An embarrassing suicide night ride

Date : 20 April 2010
Peeps : Ismanor, Zool, Hassan, Syed & June (on her scoot)
Distance : 30+km
Max speed : 40++km/h
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

I have not got the chance to cycle for the past one week since I was busy with case-closing and the wedding prepartion for my brother in law in Johor Bharu (last weekend and this weekend as well.yes,boo me.bluegh!) So as usual Is has this night ride on the DUKE highway which starts from Ampang (either Ampang point or the Ampang Putra) and heads to Hartamas or Solaris, so I call him up to join the ride since I didn't get to join Farooq for the morning ride, and Is told me to regroup at the usual place. Guess what, I ended up cycling up to Damansara Perdana in +-45mins with only 1 stop at the first toll for less than a minute. I cycled like a Speedy Gonzales trying my best to catch up with the guys. I will lose them at each time at we go ascending by then i will no longer be in the draft with the pack and left to draft on my own. super shoot! Luckily June was there scooting along with her scoot,syg June! :) I don't mind being left behind, but I do bloody mind when the pack had to slow down or stop and wait for me. Owh nooo...how embarrassing! At times like these I wish i'm not a girl at all! And so the first time in my cycling history (after the bad fall in Melaka Sahara Jamboree where i was sent back to base with a jeep) I called A'an to pick up my bike & me home. I have to admit, 1week of cycling holiday with tons of carbo loading can make u weak like a steamed kailan. Since there will be no cycling for me this weekend, I would have to work extra hard until the weekend comes. Ciayok!!

10 April 2010

It Was 'Dam' Muddy but FUN!!

Cruisin @ : Batu Dam, Gombak.
Date : 11 April 2010
Peeps : A'an, Fio, Pyan, Jack Sunshine & Pa'an
Distance : km -have yet to get a new cateye.
Max speed : km/h --have yet to get a new cateye.
Average speed : N/A (yet) -have yet to get a new cateye.
Cal burn : N/A (yet) -have yet to get a new cateye /polar? hehhe

It was drizzling since before dawn, while the rest of the weekend warriors canceled their cycling plans, A'an was determined to go for it not even a tornado can stop him. (He was too busy to ride lately and the next two weekends as well, so..it's either today or next month!) so it was muddy and Jack's v-breaks were screaming like a pair of angry Nazgul's! Mine didn't :) I had my new clips and pedals on, this would be my 2nd offroad experience with these babies.. The 1st one was at FRIM with Is and the Adam's family. I had 1 endo plop! and 1 silly fall. where i had to spent the next 2days resting my scars, aches & bruises off. this time it was getting better. I finally had the muscle memory (a teeny weeny one) and managed to only get 1 small silly fall. Yeahoo!! So how do you like my new tattoo? :)

6 March 2010

*drool* *drool*

i'm gonna check out guys in tight tights tomorrrrroooowwww....la la la la laaaa la...!
Genting LTDL, here i come!!!!

4 January 2010

What turns you on..

Lately nothing turns me on as much as the past few years (where I used to get turned on easily even over a popping popcorn in the microwave). Even after watching the movie Avatar, I am still in a dazed condition and asked myself, 'why don't i feel like clapping & jumping on the cinema seat after the good movie like I used to?' there are still 2 things that turns me on..

Michelle Rodriguez tough girl attitude & Sean Connery Scottish accent. (hehehe)

Oh well...I can't live on that all the time, can I? At this point of time, I need to figure out what is wrong with me. I can't seem to figure out what i really want, desire or burn for.. There's a mixed feelings between lost & confused. I wasted 50% of the long weekend recently doing..nothing. I have never done nothing in my whole life and it felt weird & bad at the same time. At this point of time, I feel like I'm in a dream where it is impossible for me to wake up. Oh,hell. This loud music is killing me. I'll be posting some pics soon..

So tell me, what turns you on?