30 July 2010

Will this be another suicide attemp?

Mountain Bike Speed Challenge 2010 by Putrajaya Challenge Park
It's tomorrow.
It will be my first race ever! (The one in Uni doesn't count eh)
It will be a relay race against time.
I would be in the only all-girls-team competing against the mixed and all-men-team
I will be the first rider, Syaz's second and June to wrap it up.
So for those all-men-team who finished later than us, you can go back and cry under your mum's armpits and put up your bike in the bbs for sale. hi hi
All the best dear ladies and the rest of the team out there. ..let's have fun!!


butterfleet said...

how?result? still on top?

Azealea Dz said...

among all girls team, yup, no.1 :) sebab we are d only all-girls team..hehhe
overall 33/45