31 January 2008

Os= Osman? Osama? Osborne?

I was just wondering..
what is Mr.Os's real/full name?

**An advance answer to your future question :
NO, my sexual fetish has nothing to do with this. TQ

Notty billboard

You see what I see? Snapped this from a billboard on our way to SJMC...Now i can never look at a triangle shaped pencil the same ever again..hahahahhaa

30 January 2008

I hate it when i have to choose..

..it means i have to let go of something and 'Letting Go' is never my thang...

Akak masuk magazine lagikk..auw!

The Modele Launch 2007 @ Zouk, KL .
Why we made it into d mag?
I would have to guess because of the bumps-attraction behind us..whole lotta boobies!!! Gee, Man is super photogenic! A'an will never look like a grown up, m sure. (he was always asked for ID at every club we go) I'm glad i was just holding a glass of coke instead of something notty. mau kantoi naya big time karavale when I'm just an innocent pup at a company launch.we all know that's for sure,right? hoho

Sushi Queens

I was famished and tensed with work today. It was about 7pm but d dept was still full of people.I wonder if they have a home or a family (look who's talking) When i was at d edge of banging my head on the keyboard, Ofey saved d day suggesting Sushi King for dinner.Great! Picked up the 2 ol'hags at klcc (Diana & Yash) and went straight to Ampang Point. Guess what> Yam & Yazid were there too.Therefore, the whole hommies were there..it was our 1st dinner out together.great one in fact!Yam ajak gi tgk movie but after AVP last nite, crashing early sounds much-much more tempting.Yeah, AVP sux big time.(for me) Anyway, we were laughing more than we eat,causing head turns from other tables.Yazid and Yam were gawking at me & Ofey each time we scoop in the wad of wasabi.Yeah, we just love the nostril pangs! haha
One of Yazid's attempts being an unnoticed soy sauce holder.
but his hysterically-laughing girlfriend gave it away..(apa la yam..hahah)
Feed him $1, he'll shake d booty for u. "gerak+gerak+gerak"
*sigh happily*
love u,hommies!
p/s: Futsal was canceled yesterday..2 weeks in a row now! I'm getting agitated already!! argh.

25 January 2008

Sa~Sya in da hauuusss..

Ladies & gentlemen...taik kelawaq atas simen...how do you do, ayam patuk itik sudu..
Everyone,meet my new added companion..Sa~Sya..
Sa~Sya, meet everyone...
**What do u think?? :)

18 January 2008

never forget..never forgive..

Err..the title of this post has nothing to do with me.I'm not on vengence or anything, so..okay,u can breathe now :)

It's Sweeny Tod: The Deadly Barber of Fleet Street movie.Went for the premier last nite at Pavilion, Special Thanx to Azmi (who is recently on tv..hehe.Tq bro for the ticket! Muah Muah) & Hafiz (who is super-sweet. and i know why..*wink-wink*) oh and the lovely Syaz for joining us..

Okay, now about the movie. It's a musical by the ever famousTim Burton,of course. (yeah,surprise2) A remake of an old movie. Johnny Depp can do certainly do teather! It's a dark-musical-thriller movie where this Sweeny Tod the barber came back to the wet& cold& dark London after 15years for a revenge on the great Judge Turpin for pulling his family apart.How? Slaughter all his customers with his shaving blades (which he claims to be his only loyal friend etc etc ) and mashed them into minced-meat for the meat pie shop beneath his place. And guess what..the whole London loved the pies!! (they just didnt know they were cannibals..haha) and then.. the Ending...oh well...you would have to watch it yourself. I'm not going to ruin it for you. And I strongly suggest you watch this in the cinema instead of DVD..


** I still cant get the "poor thing! poor thing!" lyrics out of my head..damn.

17 January 2008

Kteow lagi..

Syaz was on leave Wednesday..(last time we met was last week on my Continuous Karaoke Night..3 in a row! It's in my draft..malas nk upload the pics lagi..hihi) she ajak lepak hartamas..since i dont know how to get to hartamas..i ajak la Hafiz.. (hopeless me) and i makan kteow goreng lagi that night..aiseh memang muka kteow ni.

Guess what, my dgcam can swap picture colour..like this..
my skin colour is swapped to this ciggie box..


but this one...

Kawan-kawan...comel tak? heeeheeehee

**u thinkin' what i'm thinking? hehehe

I'm an International Affairs Mngmt student..

and I only managed to Level 4..how pathetic! arghh!!
let's see how good u are..i dare u!!

click this..
Traveler's IQ
and i welcome u to join me in my pathetic world...muahahaha

16 January 2008


28 March-13 April 2008
Esplanade Theatre

Okay Useman, let's do this!!
(we are now,officially 'under pressure' bee-bee-bo-bep)

9 January 2008

The 'ick' factor..

one of them is when i see my bloated belly. to touch and tap on it could be one of my bad habits..it's fun to see it jiggles.(and hoping no one notices when i do all this). it's an indicator that PMS is around d corner..those who i love n adore..be careful.

mereka dulu kanak2 yg x cukup kasih syg...

I hate cleaning up after other peeps mess. especially for nothing.these people sure have humongous expectations but no sense of appreciation or gratitude...at all.These ol'farts must have had a very sad childhood to become what they are now...i pity their kids.

8 January 2008

Hap-Hap-Happy Burpp-Day Kakak!!!

8 Jan 2008
Wishing u a pleasant year full of wonderful surprises & fascinating happenings! (better than ur newscaster-idol showing up at lunch with your bday card,today..hehehe)
Love u, swista...forrrrr-weeevveerrrr...-spongebob tune.

4 January 2008

i miss my..


Date :
Peeps :
Distance : km
Max speed : km/h
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

No cycling this weekend...i'm off to singapore..!! yeay yeay
(how i wish i could ride in spore..hmm..bukit timah? gangsa?)

Hommies II

It seems like it was the only time all of us were at home doing nothing that morning.. A lazy New Year..I was back from having breakfast with A'an and tapau few more keping of Roti Canai for them..then realized, "WE ARE ALL AT HOME!!" then rushed them all for quick snaps in each bedroom..(not-so quick lah..berpeluh sakan jugak).so there's no time for a quickie (eh,silap) for a quick make-up or make-over or changing etc..I've figured we have something in common in all d pics...look closely at these pics and guess what it is.....JENG jENG JENG..

"semua X mandi lagi...!!!"

(WARNING: The following pictures might be hazardous to human eyes,mind & imagination)

**Now u know i have loonies for hommies... (adore them,anywho)

2 January 2008

Resolution+revolution+renovation+bus station. (huh?)

Things we must do as another year ends..aside from joining the crowd counting from 10-0 like kindergarten kids screaming for attention to their counting ability (obviously i didn't join d crowd.went for my weekly futsal as usual.) -is have a brand new list of resolutions which u'll realize that most of them were still there since the last 2-3 years back.(that's me!) To total it up to 4 years, here's my so-called-new list of resolutions..(which i believe u'll be seing most of them again next year.heh)

  1. 5 full prayers
  2. Get my own green laptop
  3. Find my dream hse n buy it!
  4. Vanilla for Papa
  5. Must travel more (1-Beach&Island trip,2-Mount Hiking,2-Overseas Trip)
  6. Join at least 3 MTB events (must finish all 4 stages for PCC this year)
  7. Wash the car more frequently (twice a month)
  8. Call home double than d usual.
  9. blog more with lesser reasons any kind of depression.
  10. Take up dance class or another foreign language class.
  11. (Cant disclose this here..)
  12. Love my family, boyfriend and friends more than ever..

Here's my last year's list of resolutions..i'm proud to claim that i managed to abide to most of them by the 3rd Quarter..(giler bongkak seh!)

  1. Savings -(ASB/Insurance/whatever) RM200 per month-after Ku2 (GOT IT!)
  2. PTD-study & sit for the exam (DONE & OVER WITH!)
  3. House-survey for property (FOUND BUT STILL LOOKING)
  4. 5 full prayers (LOOPHOLES HERE & THERE..Tsk!Tsk..!)
  5. Guitar-must do better (SUBSTITUTE-OFEY)
  6. Vitamin C (YUP! YUP!)
  7. Wall climbing- 2-3times per month (BAHH..!)
  8. Exercise-keep fit.jog.swim. (CYCLING..YEA YEA!)
  9. Futsal/Netball team (FUTSAL TEAM..THE PCD WANNABES)
  10. Family Trips (HMM....)