30 January 2008

Sushi Queens

I was famished and tensed with work today. It was about 7pm but d dept was still full of people.I wonder if they have a home or a family (look who's talking) When i was at d edge of banging my head on the keyboard, Ofey saved d day suggesting Sushi King for dinner.Great! Picked up the 2 ol'hags at klcc (Diana & Yash) and went straight to Ampang Point. Guess what> Yam & Yazid were there too.Therefore, the whole hommies were there..it was our 1st dinner out together.great one in fact!Yam ajak gi tgk movie but after AVP last nite, crashing early sounds much-much more tempting.Yeah, AVP sux big time.(for me) Anyway, we were laughing more than we eat,causing head turns from other tables.Yazid and Yam were gawking at me & Ofey each time we scoop in the wad of wasabi.Yeah, we just love the nostril pangs! haha
One of Yazid's attempts being an unnoticed soy sauce holder.
but his hysterically-laughing girlfriend gave it away..(apa la yam..hahah)
Feed him $1, he'll shake d booty for u. "gerak+gerak+gerak"
*sigh happily*
love u,hommies!
p/s: Futsal was canceled yesterday..2 weeks in a row now! I'm getting agitated already!! argh.

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diana luna said...

Me? Old hag? Sampei hati!!!! Tapi xpe..i'm the hottest hag in town hahhaha!!!