2 September 2009

Guilty as charged..

..for starting & finishing a book at a weekend spent at my in-laws. Not my fault that the tv was hogged by my brother inlaws..with their supercups-saucers-pots & pans soccer game. There was nothing to do to show that i'm not a lazy bum. So i'm just glad i remembered to bring along an unread book to JB. Started on Saturday morning and finished it the next afternoon. (yeah, the soccer game went on & on non-stop)
but all in all, i'm glad i had the chance to read again. This time it's about a woman who was just a girl who in the end become a powerful back-curtain kinda ruler- towards the end of the dynasty Ch'ng's era..the empress who was the last emperor's mom. Give it a chance, you might like it, minus the midn suffocting never ending ceremonies. It adds to my relief that we are normal people and not any royalties tied to the royal rituals and all those jazz..it's a pity they do not have jeans & tshirts at that time. how sad. peace out!

16 August 2009

my suicide note..

Dear all...
it was hard for me to come to this decision. Although it was not entirely decided by myself, i would like to share the blame on some of these people...
  1. A'an..(he's the one who excitedly prepare all the necessary tools & equipment to ensure the decision would wieght more for YES. Yes, I thought he loves loves me :( )
  2. Kur..(for enticing me by buying most of my charity event raffle tickets)
  3. Syaz..(for saying she needed me to do it so she would be more confident with another companion along the way to..yeah,hopefully heaven. so..yes, we will do it together dear..)
  4. Dino..(for repeatedly reminding me that my so-called 'crush' who has the same gender will be doing it too..)
Although I have yet to get my diving license and swim with the manta rays/whale sharks or molar2 fish or sky dived (since i've only did bungee) or have 3 kids who i hope will inherith A'an's dark+healthy hair (or skin. or his forever boyish face.hahha), I believe i have lived my life to the fullest. I love my family & friends with all my heart and ensure they all know that. I have done all the things with my best efforts and there are no regrets. Therefore, yes... I am ready.
Ready for.....

The PCC Nexus Presidential Ride 2009
- with no training or whatsoever for a whole 3months!! Let's see how far I can go (without any injuries..TOUCHWOOD!!)

Wish me luck people!!! GAMBATE to myself & the rest!!

Yours truly,
(rider No. 305)
- how the hell did they spell it Azealfa? arghhh

9 August 2009

Training for PCC 2009

To be honest, I have done zilch of training. zilch=nada=zero. And PCC ride is just a few days away. Way to go Azea..u just signed up for another suicidal-race like u did for the 10km Siemens Run recently. Remember how hard you were cursing and swearing at yourself while running+panthing finishing up the 10kms for not being discipline on your marathon training? This year's PCC, there's gonna be few more thousands of extra buckets full of my cursing+swearing at myself for happy-merrily torture myself racing without any training. So, this is what I'm gonna do to ensure that I can at least tone down to only hundreds of buckets full of cursing during the race this sunday. Like what Papa thought me & A'an earlier today, it's called a 10days training. (altho we have less than 10 days left, what other choice do i have?huhu)
  • 3days of stuffing up with carbos and extensive cycling (outdoor or the gym)
  • 3days of protien and vege+fruits and followed by extensive cycling still.
  • 4days of balanced diet (mixed of both sets) with moderate cycling.
Let's see wether I can atleast execute the training. It's for myself ,for gods sake! why i'm i such a lazy bum these days? sigh.
Wish me luck..for the training & the race. Cross fingers for no injuries, or at least, no facial ones . hehehe
toodle loo!

(p/s): a'an dear..please dont mock me on these..i know u cant help it and itching everywhere to do so.

3 August 2009

The Skinny biatch got hitched.

Yash complained about my blog has been stagnant at 'Hazel's wedding' post for ages.. So okay, let's talk about her for a change..i wont be typing much just maybe tell it with pictures! my hands are itching to upload the VIDEOs.....but damn they are all Xrated and i'll be dead within seconds if i do upload them up...(it was d videos we took on my hen party as well as on yash's henparty where it was all about girls acting silly with minimum clothes on! woohooo).

It seems with yash's love phases, there was a lot of ..ermm..(is tragedy a suitable word?)..stuff happened. We are just glad this one ended happily & merrily..Just so you know that I had a good time paying you back on your hen party,yash! muahahhahaha Congratulations,beautiful!!

So this is a pic a weekend before d wedding day...we totally 'hen' her bad huh,girls? heheh

And...here's the big day pics! Lovely isn't she? Congratulations you 2!! jgn gado2...aku sekeh nanti...huhu

2 August 2009

Must have been a while... ;p

Looks like I'll be back blogging again now since the condo has a wifi..yeeehah!
There's a lot to be updated since Hazel's wedding.
  1. DM- the kitten we adopted who eat newspapers+tissues, ripped off socks like no one's biz.
  2. Birthdays, weddings, engagements,hen-partys...(never ending!)
  3. The outdoors-marathons, camping, wall climbing, the sweet mtb rides
  4. work! going great so far!

I'll just update a few pics in here to brighten up things for a bit..

Till next time!

p/s: a shoutout for today's date--> Congratulations to me+A'an for our 1st year anniversary, yash+amad for being officially hitched! Happy bday to fendy!

24 March 2009

Snow White is no longer available...

I have always imagine Hazel being snow white for her red lips & super fair complexion. There were a few of jealous-sick witches & heartbroken prince perasan charming I can name during our MRSM BP days together... i just hope I wasn't seen as one of her 7 dwarfs.hoho

Congratulations to the real prince charming, Wan Afiq!! (and thank you for proving me wrong about my best friend Hazel is a lesbian and determined to remain single after finding out about me & A'an :p) and now, that leaves....Zack (who everynight insisted sleeping with me & sarah or she would whail trough the night).
Ye zack, ko la penyebab aku di gelar seorang lesbo oleh budak2 BP. tapi xpe, aku still syg ko.huhu

Hazel's wedding theme was gloriously red which suits her snow-whitey face. (the hairdo & collar too!) I'm glad her parents still call me by my full name and remembered my husband's name as well. WAH! (accountant's name are not be remembered most of the time due to their quiet & reserved but
perasan cute manner). The best part is, we get a valid reason to wear our Baju Nikah again..keh keh. Ada terasa ketat sedikit but all shape was maintained with trained short breath and belly sucking & tucking. haha. The part i love the most of this wedding is... I get to meet and muck around again with Zack, A'in & Shady!! I have no idea how much i miss u guys.. kalau dapat tido sekatil macam dulu lagi kan bestt....??? aahh...

Congratulations Hazel & Afiq...Amen to eternal happiness, prosperity & friendship! (like i told u, Fiq, from now on, she's always right. haha)

Okay, who's next? aku nk pakai baju bersanding pulok. koh koh

19 March 2009

Why are you so skinny?

Why are you so skinny?
This world is still full of things to be eaten
People are cooking at anytime & anywhere
24hours with drive-thru's and home deliveries
why are you still so skinny?

Didn't the government treat you well enough
subsidies ,allowances and all the pepsi-COLAs?
the RMT's and all the welfare thingy?
Aren't you bribed enough?
So how could you still be so damn skinny?

Can i blame your metabolism rate?
Or is it the worms in your gut?
or is it in your butt?

Could it be that something else is eating what you ate because you are eating for...IT?

Please tell me the real reason why you are so skinny.
Not because I want to be you
But it is simply because I would like to know your methods of being so bony.
Is it intentional?

Did you drown yourself in stress or depression?
Lack of sleep that makes you too tired to have an appetite at all?
Kindly tell me why you are so skinny.

Have someone broke your fragile heart, ripped it to shreds, smashed it into a million pieces?
Or you are saving up for the rainy days?
How did you know when will your so-called rainy day will come?
can it be from the daily the weather forecast? they hosts it naked in canada tv, you know?

Are you scared you are hurting mother nature by eating at all?
Vegetarians can't be that skinny.

I think you are sick.
Please go see a doctor now, and stop spitting in public will you?
owh and yeah, do tell me what you are diagnosed with because if you are not sick,
you must tell me how you can be so skinny.

4 March 2009

it has been 2 months now...

..and i'm still holding on... although most of the time I'll be seen looking like this...

gazillion thanks to all my lovely carebears for aiding me through this tough shit.
"just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming.."

24 February 2009

a start of something good today..hehe

i noticed something on something today as i was getting ready for work and asked what was that. so he told me what it was and confessed. when he told me who was the person responsible for such 'achievement'...it was damn hilarious and owh such a great news. hahahahha. between me & you,babe...I sincerely love you that much too..!! Hugs.

17 February 2009

Forgive me Jass, for I have sinned... ;p

I do not need any maid at home whenever i have to cook for big crowds, coz I have friends who would be willing to assist me in d kitchen all the time. (I hope it's not the amusement of witnessing me squirm about kecoh ketiak terkejaq-kejaq cooking this and that makes them stay in the kitchen with me..haha) Hannah, Diana and Atun were among the my loyal cinderella who will make my neighbour wonder if my hse kena rompak ke? kecoh giler.

Atun & Hannah playing cinderella with me

But among all gals..there's this guy, so macho tall dark and i can say handsome la jugak kot (he'll be reading this la wei, must puji) and has tatoos on both arm and chest (maybe on other parts as well but i'm just guessing)..but what makes him an incredible human to me & A'an? he does the dishes after having dinner at our crib..TQ bebeh!! I shouldn't have the habit of clearing up after cooking next time, so you can have all the pots & pans to scrub all nite :) hehehe (A'an is not included in this bizzare moment coz his legs are too smooth to be true so it's normal that he helps me in the kitchen all the time)
Now here..i present you..my new...Mr.Cinder-Lelah!!

(yeah Mr.Cindy, dont forget that one pot on the stove there k?)

how i wish all d guys are like this?

12 February 2009


I cant believe there's such thing for a meme...a handbag meme? and i'm tagged. tq yam..i'll get u back soon.

1)Find a silent room away from monsters..
who would be running away from d cookie monsta'?

2) Take a picture of your bag and its content

ere u go

3) Explain about the contents:
  • A big clutch to store almost everything that I'll always bring with in any handbags I wore. (pathetic cosmetic stuff, comb, hairbands+clips, ipod classic, ball pen, fisherman's friend lozenges, a CNY angpau from a boss for contingencies,a tube of lotion, a small roll of dental floss & n i swear i have no idea how an Israel country badge end up in here)
  • A super stuffed with coins and receipts wallet.(with only some cash in it-had an experience with a snatcher before. but he ended up with nothing but 1 punch & 2 sidekicks from me)
  • Hse keys
  • Name card holder
  • This month's monthly travel card
  • My external HD cable with the HD nowhere to be found. hmm..(is it with you,a'an?)
  • Some papers A'an stuffed in my bag which 1 use to make a grocery list.
  • My freebie handbag from Clinique.

  • Some after dengue meds
  • CDs from Khai- d great playlist at his hse warming.

5) What's the most embarassing content of your handbag?
err...the dirt at the bottom of my bag?

6) What is the smallest item in the bag?

again, the dirt as an individual, but if collect in a bunch i'm sure it'll become the biggest item.

7) Tag as much as u want:
i just dont give a damn for this one. huhuhu

10 February 2009

who says Mr.Bean can't drift?

tq A'an..u wish u can do it with ur sentra,huh? imagine doing it with my iswara aeroback...hahhha

9 February 2009

I'm itchy all over..

for these new movies.. (glee...!! *scratch-scratch*)

The Curios Case of Benjamin Button
(I got 2 free tix for this but no time to go yet...hmm..)

Upcoming....yah yah!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop
(I just adore this King of Queens-Kevin James & his adorable balloon like tum-tums!)

(Clive Owen's charming features & his booming voice just turns me on...)

Slumdog Millionaire
(ass recommended by Jass. hmm...ass-Jass. Jass-ass..hahhha)

He's Just Not That Into You
(I miss Justin Long & that charming Barrymore woman!)

Okay A'an & Jass...it's a good start for our new hobby...
Let's Movie marathon!!!

Is there such thing as a Pre Honeymoon's Honeymoon Escapade??

We have been married for a very loooonnngg time now, (6 months je pun..haha) and still haven't got the chance to plan & escape for a real honeymoon. To console our raging hearts and throbbing..erm..whatevers, and after the recent blow by Mr.Dengue's visit, we decided to have a short getaway to Port Dickson. 2D 1N trip at a nice seaview hotel to really-really-really laze around while enjoying the view, the breeze, whatever is on tv, the buffet and most importantly...each other! Weehieeeee!!

Morning- I went to FRIM for a good walk+some hiking+canopy walking with Cheeky+Suresh & his gf,Jessica. (will soon blog about it..)
Noon- Mr.Hubs & I shoot off to Port Dickson and checked in the hotel. gradually thought the hotel was worth the price. Both then took 1 hour sleep before we change into our swimsuits and head to the beach...
Night-Went out for a good seafood dinner. then walk around the night market, came back super stuffed but still managed to have a short walk along the beach...then spent a few hours at our room balcony just talking and talking and laughing with the bright stars & a clear moon lighting up the ocean to the edge of the horizon...then watched the 'Father of the bride' movie which towards the end of the show, we recalled & confessed what we truly felt & thought on our own wedding experience,and ended up being nostalgic.haha (yep..someone did cried a tear or two..but that person wasn't me, of course..hahhaa)

Morning- we had a huge breakfast buffet with our seat facing the beach (seabreeze can really lift your appetite! not good for those who are on a strict diet :), then quickly went back up to finish up what we started. (our beauty sleep!) watched some cartoons till noon and extended our checkout time so I can watch Melodi.hehe
Noon-Check out and head to Seremban -meeting Suresh at his house. after his house was finally out of maruku stokcs, then we head to Cheras to stop by at Hannah's crib, excited to meet her mom after for so long..
Later that afternoon- found Jass & Elle were at Hannah's as well...so now we can all go ape together..while Hannah's not-aging-at-all-mom laughing away non-stop,probably thinking it's time for Hannahto migrate to Tuvalu and find saner circle of friends...heh.

Jass suruh headbang, so we headbang lah! "Goyang..goyang..goyang!!"
ok..nak balik dah ni...la la la..
Nite-Had dinner at Pelita while A'an and his SSI buddies meet up at talk about how manly they are for liking the same thing -Wonderpets show at TV9. (juz kidding guys...). Then went to accompany A'an staying back at his office till 5am...where I update the blog about this damn thang...
Employee of the Month - February 2009 (EOTM-Feb 09)

Mr.'EOTM-Feb 09' taking a short nappy.

Mrs.'EOTM-Feb 09' having a hard time waking the Mr.'EOTM-Feb 09' up..
Monday (which is now..)
Morning-We are planning to go Pasar Keramat to do some grocery shopping (semangat poyo). Then...I dont know..
Noon-I wanna go see my Laling and her lil' baby girl!!!
Let's hope Monday will be materialised okay?? Amen.

IN A NUTSHELL.. the so called pre-honeymoon escapade truly was like a pinch of what a real honeymoon would be like! HEAVEN ELEVEN!! Even it was a 2day 1 night getaway, it was truly satisfying starting from the planning of the trip where we did it together from finding the suitable hotel to our preference AND budget! One thing I realized, is how compatible we both are. We really enjoy each other's company where we could switch our roles from a spouse to a bestfriend in a blink without even realizing it. There were things we did together (cracking jokes, some hard shoves and smackdowns) like BFF then it could suddenly becomes romantic & lovey dovey (and lusty.ahem) and back to being mates again...I could never find anyone else much better than you Farhan dearest... thank you for being wonderful, that is..by just being yourself. I love the fact that I can do all the things I used to do, the new stuff I like and at the same time, be myself with you supporting me all the time..no one else come close..no one.
Hugs..Hugs..HUgs.. ( I can't wait for our REAL LOooOong HoneymooooOon to finally come...Hope towards the end of it I wont die out of content & happiness.. ) last but not least, like I haven't mention it earlier (eyes rolling)..
A'an dearest...I love you. SANGAT. as many as all the nachos+chachos in the world combined!