2 September 2009

Guilty as charged..

..for starting & finishing a book at a weekend spent at my in-laws. Not my fault that the tv was hogged by my brother inlaws..with their supercups-saucers-pots & pans soccer game. There was nothing to do to show that i'm not a lazy bum. So i'm just glad i remembered to bring along an unread book to JB. Started on Saturday morning and finished it the next afternoon. (yeah, the soccer game went on & on non-stop)
but all in all, i'm glad i had the chance to read again. This time it's about a woman who was just a girl who in the end become a powerful back-curtain kinda ruler- towards the end of the dynasty Ch'ng's era..the empress who was the last emperor's mom. Give it a chance, you might like it, minus the midn suffocting never ending ceremonies. It adds to my relief that we are normal people and not any royalties tied to the royal rituals and all those jazz..it's a pity they do not have jeans & tshirts at that time. how sad. peace out!


tomatoinc said...

Hi Az,

I am glad you found the time to read again. It's certainly a pleasure that i am struggling to find time for.

I have read empress orchid a few years back, and coincidentally, there was a hong kong tv series about the same topic. The character is based very much on Empress Dowager, as such it has many nuances and pseudo-historical facts. :) It is more enjoyable if you have some clues about the Chinese dynasty and its history.

makhluk ijau said...

ele.. ko pun same.. dah 4 bulan xupdate cite bnyk..