16 August 2009

my suicide note..

Dear all...
it was hard for me to come to this decision. Although it was not entirely decided by myself, i would like to share the blame on some of these people...
  1. A'an..(he's the one who excitedly prepare all the necessary tools & equipment to ensure the decision would wieght more for YES. Yes, I thought he loves loves me :( )
  2. Kur..(for enticing me by buying most of my charity event raffle tickets)
  3. Syaz..(for saying she needed me to do it so she would be more confident with another companion along the way to..yeah,hopefully heaven. so..yes, we will do it together dear..)
  4. Dino..(for repeatedly reminding me that my so-called 'crush' who has the same gender will be doing it too..)
Although I have yet to get my diving license and swim with the manta rays/whale sharks or molar2 fish or sky dived (since i've only did bungee) or have 3 kids who i hope will inherith A'an's dark+healthy hair (or skin. or his forever boyish face.hahha), I believe i have lived my life to the fullest. I love my family & friends with all my heart and ensure they all know that. I have done all the things with my best efforts and there are no regrets. Therefore, yes... I am ready.
Ready for.....

The PCC Nexus Presidential Ride 2009
- with no training or whatsoever for a whole 3months!! Let's see how far I can go (without any injuries..TOUCHWOOD!!)

Wish me luck people!!! GAMBATE to myself & the rest!!

Yours truly,
(rider No. 305)
- how the hell did they spell it Azealfa? arghhh


norizzuddin said...

Alhamdulillah, you rode and came out alive The Prez :)

tomatoinc said...

pics? i didn't get to say goodbye before your 'suicide'/.