26 October 2007

It's called MOVING ON..

i WAS happy..i WAS head over heels for 'u know who'..i WAS in love. nope..correction..i WAS CRAZY in love..i WAS DEVOTEDLY in love...

But apparently..

i AM tired..i AM on the edge of giving up..i AM fed up.. coz i meant NOTHING at all to the person i devoted my love&life to..and i AM no longer available to be taken for granted. No more. That was it.

And Now...

i AM totally ready to MOVE ON.. infact, i AM moving on now.. i AM ready to forget.. i AM ready to open my heart again...i AM ready to give chances to others..i AM ready to look around and see if there's anyone looking at me..i AM ready to SMILE back at those who are looking.. i AM ready to be who i always wanted to be..how i imagined to be..how i have been dreaming to be..

I know...

i CAN do this...i CAN move on..i CAN be who i wanted to be.. i CAN go wherever i wanted to go..i CAN do what i wanted to do.. with no dissapointments and regrets.. i CAN be happy again,truly happy..

YES,i know i CAN.


WILL i ever look back? WILL i ever cower and hide?WILL i cry and mope? WILL i even regret all this? WILL i ever MISS the old news and moments?WILL i ever HOPE to be able to turn back time?

Well..guess what?

i AM ready to say-NO.

Truly AM..
Azealea Dz.

2 October 2007

...Happy2 ++Joy2...

Among d few lovely people i dear most..who would never have second thoughts for silly activities with me..never reluctant to look at me even on my bad hair day n zit breakouts..
...i love u guys..

Here's Uesman, A'an, Azea(wow..i look like Emily Rose!NGERI.) & Ofilia..having a blast at the penang beach at jalan abas..before the stray dogs barked and chase our ass away..hahah!