15 June 2008


God! this facebook & its zillion applications is killing ME!!!!! Arghh.

11 June 2008

need something new..

I think i should freshen up this blog a bit..hmm.. might be too ambitious looking at my current day2day routine...it has been a while since I blog at home..*sigh*
you are damn right jass...sleep has become a luxury thing now.. one of the things i cant afford lately...help!

5 June 2008

UPDATE: Yes people, I'm still alive & kickin'...

I miss you dearest blog...please forgive me for this haste post...
What has been happening lately...

  1. Confirmed, Promoted with an Increment! (hahah..about time)
  2. Engaged!! (To one of my bf. hehe..guess who)- Here's a pic...
  3. Was in Bangkok for a biennial Tuna Conference (the tiger shows, massage, mani-padi..u name it)-pics soon..
  4. Next biz trip- Paris, Madrid (again) and the Azores Island.(okay you fridge magnet freaks, you'll get what u want.)
  5. Havent been cycling for quite a while now..but surprisingly I am neither loosing or gaining weight. (Thank God! but I miss my baby- the Bike)
Okay..back to work now...gotta do more to get more Gs..hup! hup! Later gators.