24 March 2009

Snow White is no longer available...

I have always imagine Hazel being snow white for her red lips & super fair complexion. There were a few of jealous-sick witches & heartbroken prince perasan charming I can name during our MRSM BP days together... i just hope I wasn't seen as one of her 7 dwarfs.hoho

Congratulations to the real prince charming, Wan Afiq!! (and thank you for proving me wrong about my best friend Hazel is a lesbian and determined to remain single after finding out about me & A'an :p) and now, that leaves....Zack (who everynight insisted sleeping with me & sarah or she would whail trough the night).
Ye zack, ko la penyebab aku di gelar seorang lesbo oleh budak2 BP. tapi xpe, aku still syg ko.huhu

Hazel's wedding theme was gloriously red which suits her snow-whitey face. (the hairdo & collar too!) I'm glad her parents still call me by my full name and remembered my husband's name as well. WAH! (accountant's name are not be remembered most of the time due to their quiet & reserved but
perasan cute manner). The best part is, we get a valid reason to wear our Baju Nikah again..keh keh. Ada terasa ketat sedikit but all shape was maintained with trained short breath and belly sucking & tucking. haha. The part i love the most of this wedding is... I get to meet and muck around again with Zack, A'in & Shady!! I have no idea how much i miss u guys.. kalau dapat tido sekatil macam dulu lagi kan bestt....??? aahh...

Congratulations Hazel & Afiq...Amen to eternal happiness, prosperity & friendship! (like i told u, Fiq, from now on, she's always right. haha)

Okay, who's next? aku nk pakai baju bersanding pulok. koh koh

19 March 2009

Why are you so skinny?

Why are you so skinny?
This world is still full of things to be eaten
People are cooking at anytime & anywhere
24hours with drive-thru's and home deliveries
why are you still so skinny?

Didn't the government treat you well enough
subsidies ,allowances and all the pepsi-COLAs?
the RMT's and all the welfare thingy?
Aren't you bribed enough?
So how could you still be so damn skinny?

Can i blame your metabolism rate?
Or is it the worms in your gut?
or is it in your butt?

Could it be that something else is eating what you ate because you are eating for...IT?

Please tell me the real reason why you are so skinny.
Not because I want to be you
But it is simply because I would like to know your methods of being so bony.
Is it intentional?

Did you drown yourself in stress or depression?
Lack of sleep that makes you too tired to have an appetite at all?
Kindly tell me why you are so skinny.

Have someone broke your fragile heart, ripped it to shreds, smashed it into a million pieces?
Or you are saving up for the rainy days?
How did you know when will your so-called rainy day will come?
can it be from the daily the weather forecast? they hosts it naked in canada tv, you know?

Are you scared you are hurting mother nature by eating at all?
Vegetarians can't be that skinny.

I think you are sick.
Please go see a doctor now, and stop spitting in public will you?
owh and yeah, do tell me what you are diagnosed with because if you are not sick,
you must tell me how you can be so skinny.

4 March 2009

it has been 2 months now...

..and i'm still holding on... although most of the time I'll be seen looking like this...

gazillion thanks to all my lovely carebears for aiding me through this tough shit.
"just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming.."