29 November 2007

Beamed in a blink!

Was having a bad day at work today. (okay,that's exaggerating) not that bad, just really-super hectic with the Juggling i had to manage with these days & maybe for another few more months (not exaggerating,this time).Pity A'an tried to get me all morning.. When i finally get the chance to check my emails one of it is this,from him... That "hhhmmm..." makes today doesn't seem so bad after all. A HUG is just what i need..Thank you,love. I'm definitely claiming d hug later!

28 November 2007

Azea & her jerawat 'gatal'..

"Common myths state that mastrubation
causes acne and, conversely, that celibacy or sexual intercourse can cure it. Acne has not been linked to any type of sexual activity."
courtesy of wikipedia
It's a common myth!!! a MYTHHHH!!
and i'm your myth-buster for todayyyy!!yeayy!
So stop suggesting that i should get married for the pimple i'm having!


Arent u scared yet? arent u? Arent u? coz i did went "Heerrkk..!" when i saw this picture in my mobile today! Its d HULK attack..!!

I remember now, i was coming out of d loo when i caught u fumbling with my phone...hahaha

Nice try, smiley-face...nice try!
Kuang kuang kuang!

*HULK is A'an in his super good mood. he calls himslef "the makhluk ijau" as in the close resemblance to the incredible hulk's hot green bod. yeah..yeah..there's a similarity there! (ok i lie)

27 November 2007

Hindus were rioting and we went cycling..hihi

Last sunday, was my 1st ride to Kemensah.
A great one actually.
We didnt went up to Sofea Jane's Hill but the 2hours ride was quite enough for me..(slow coach!) hehe. Cycled up along the waterfalls & d stream.The clear air is as fresh as nothing compared to d KL city.haha.

On the way down, we stopped by one of the inviting looking stream n dip our feet (more like d whole legs,to be precise). Look how happy A'an is...and i look like his granny! yikes!!
  • Guess which legs are mine/A'ans? hahahahaha

I cant feel my brain..

either its not working..or i have left it somewhere. or maybe, it has slowly melted out of my skull and vaporised into thin air due to last night's hot&humid weather? Thought i heard it dripping of the bed last nite.Should have checked and might save some of it,at least. Now i'm left with none. Try and tell this to my boss, maybe he could give 2 2days leave so i could suck the brain back into my skull..hmm..should be interesting..

okay..enough with the 'i-lost-my-brain-excuse' break! back to work now...Hup! Hup! Hup!

26 November 2007

Yeah..It's a bit loose now..

my pants. dont feel as tight and hugging like 2 weeks ago..
Thanx to...
  • the PCC ride..i certainly enjoy the 60km of suffering now..hahahha.
  • Weekend cycling (weekend worriors, they say..)
  • Nite roadie..
YEAY..!! Slimmer azea..here she comes!

..he went down on his knees and said...

"Will you marry me...?"

No wonder he cant finish his dinner!!
Right to this point, i still cant believe it myself....
It was last nite, on our 4 years+8months anniversary.
The exact words? It goes like this..

"Baby..we have been together for almost 5 years now. That one incident almost ends it and i realize that I love you so much and could never live without you..so..

this is the point where he put his hand in his pocket
and i freaked out and said

"You're kidding me? Not here?!!!"

and he said

" heheh..Just kidding- lah."

but then..the small lovely wooden box came out n pop goes the question...
and i gawked.
( i mean..really-really GAWKED!)
-sooo unglam..i know..that's azealea for you.. she gawks like nobody's business..haha

**My dearest BrownSugar...I love you too**

23 November 2007


Now everyone's leaving..I'll be all alone here to juggle everything. I sure hope that it wont be for long.. Now, please dear brain..work! *sigh....*

This bloody text msg...hahaha!

Last weekend : Nexus Presidential Ride 2007....

"Hahaha..very fuunnnnyyy"

Ugly bruises..begone!!!

22 November 2007

Trans-Cabaret @ The Ship

Went for a trans-cabaret show @ The Ship-Bkt Bintang last nite with Dd,Far,Sue&few other lovely gals.(bored of our ritual wednesday-karaoke nite,i guess)
Amazing show with hot-perky bods, i tell u..haha
Make us girls feel like a boyish-framed-teenagers!!
They keep asking for men's shoe size (shows d size of their..u know what,heh)
My cheap cam-phone couldn't take clear pics so..maybe next time then.
The Key-poh-virgin-nun told us girls to
'let our hair down and let the juice flow' for the night! hahahaha.. well, maybe just the hair,dear nun..just the hair.. *sheeish* Had my usual Shirley Temple-not bad. Don't know bout the rest, but I'm taking others there next wednesday,for sure! So, who's up for this wednesday nite? u know d number.

21 November 2007

NEXUS Presidential Ride 2007

  • This would be my 1st Presidential Ride (hopefully not d last!).
  • Got up at 6am (amazing,huh?) for we had to be there by 7am.. a total of 800+ peeps were there.Extra 200+ from last year's.
  • Started off at 8am and finished at 5pm.
  • Finished 2 stages out of 4 and it's already something i have to be proud of..(for someone who's a lazy bum when it comes to trainings every weekends!)
  • 60km of enjoyable suffering, they say! My right shin is all bruised!! hahah..padan muka!nak sgt cycling cross-country! me loike!
  • More pics are coming up..when i have d time and chance to do so..till then..MUAH!

-Starting off...
( Me & my sparkling with xcitement eyes & A'an & d rest of d group back there.waaaayyy back there.)