26 November 2007

..he went down on his knees and said...

"Will you marry me...?"

No wonder he cant finish his dinner!!
Right to this point, i still cant believe it myself....
It was last nite, on our 4 years+8months anniversary.
The exact words? It goes like this..

"Baby..we have been together for almost 5 years now. That one incident almost ends it and i realize that I love you so much and could never live without you..so..

this is the point where he put his hand in his pocket
and i freaked out and said

"You're kidding me? Not here?!!!"

and he said

" heheh..Just kidding- lah."

but then..the small lovely wooden box came out n pop goes the question...
and i gawked.
( i mean..really-really GAWKED!)
-sooo unglam..i know..that's azealea for you.. she gawks like nobody's business..haha

**My dearest BrownSugar...I love you too**


makhluk ijau said...

then, wut u said..??

Azealea Dz said...

cant tell you..
i can only tell a'an..
when..i finally figured out what 2 say..hihi

wanrulez said...

shy shy cat konon.....pirahhhhh

gba said...

d part that makes me smile..

" heheh..Just kidding- lah."

rational thinker said...

where's my commment?

congratulation babe!

Azealea Dz said...

*wanrulez: ala...jealous la tu.hihi

*gba: that part makes me smile too..(n m still smiling as ur reading this..)

*rational thinker: babe..thanx! thanx! what comment? itu la..tunggu u lama sgt...hihi