22 November 2007

Trans-Cabaret @ The Ship

Went for a trans-cabaret show @ The Ship-Bkt Bintang last nite with Dd,Far,Sue&few other lovely gals.(bored of our ritual wednesday-karaoke nite,i guess)
Amazing show with hot-perky bods, i tell u..haha
Make us girls feel like a boyish-framed-teenagers!!
They keep asking for men's shoe size (shows d size of their..u know what,heh)
My cheap cam-phone couldn't take clear pics so..maybe next time then.
The Key-poh-virgin-nun told us girls to
'let our hair down and let the juice flow' for the night! hahahaha.. well, maybe just the hair,dear nun..just the hair.. *sheeish* Had my usual Shirley Temple-not bad. Don't know bout the rest, but I'm taking others there next wednesday,for sure! So, who's up for this wednesday nite? u know d number.

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