28 November 2007


Arent u scared yet? arent u? Arent u? coz i did went "Heerrkk..!" when i saw this picture in my mobile today! Its d HULK attack..!!

I remember now, i was coming out of d loo when i caught u fumbling with my phone...hahaha

Nice try, smiley-face...nice try!
Kuang kuang kuang!

*HULK is A'an in his super good mood. he calls himslef "the makhluk ijau" as in the close resemblance to the incredible hulk's hot green bod. yeah..yeah..there's a similarity there! (ok i lie)


makhluk ijau said...

ayok.. kantoi x hingat..
so.. identity makhluk ijau hampir terbongkar la nie..

diana luna said...

bapak..rupanya kami ni anak-anak hul la..ish....