21 November 2007

NEXUS Presidential Ride 2007

  • This would be my 1st Presidential Ride (hopefully not d last!).
  • Got up at 6am (amazing,huh?) for we had to be there by 7am.. a total of 800+ peeps were there.Extra 200+ from last year's.
  • Started off at 8am and finished at 5pm.
  • Finished 2 stages out of 4 and it's already something i have to be proud of..(for someone who's a lazy bum when it comes to trainings every weekends!)
  • 60km of enjoyable suffering, they say! My right shin is all bruised!! hahah..padan muka!nak sgt cycling cross-country! me loike!
  • More pics are coming up..when i have d time and chance to do so..till then..MUAH!

-Starting off...
( Me & my sparkling with xcitement eyes & A'an & d rest of d group back there.waaaayyy back there.)

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Krankster said...

Hi This is krankster from PCC. Glad you enjoy the torture. Hope you will join us next year. Please send me your link when you have uploaded your pics so I can post the link on our web. Cheers! fmkyfc2002@yahoo.com