27 November 2007

Hindus were rioting and we went cycling..hihi

Last sunday, was my 1st ride to Kemensah.
A great one actually.
We didnt went up to Sofea Jane's Hill but the 2hours ride was quite enough for me..(slow coach!) hehe. Cycled up along the waterfalls & d stream.The clear air is as fresh as nothing compared to d KL city.haha.

On the way down, we stopped by one of the inviting looking stream n dip our feet (more like d whole legs,to be precise). Look how happy A'an is...and i look like his granny! yikes!!
  • Guess which legs are mine/A'ans? hahahahaha


abeming said...

ko buat riots in the water...mati abis anak ikan lepas ko rendam kaki...hahaha...=)

Azealea Dz said...

hahaha..mane ade mati..they were jumping for joy d second i dipp in one of my toes.imagine what happened when i dipp in both legs? one hell of a circus! hahahah