9 August 2009

Training for PCC 2009

To be honest, I have done zilch of training. zilch=nada=zero. And PCC ride is just a few days away. Way to go Azea..u just signed up for another suicidal-race like u did for the 10km Siemens Run recently. Remember how hard you were cursing and swearing at yourself while running+panthing finishing up the 10kms for not being discipline on your marathon training? This year's PCC, there's gonna be few more thousands of extra buckets full of my cursing+swearing at myself for happy-merrily torture myself racing without any training. So, this is what I'm gonna do to ensure that I can at least tone down to only hundreds of buckets full of cursing during the race this sunday. Like what Papa thought me & A'an earlier today, it's called a 10days training. (altho we have less than 10 days left, what other choice do i have?huhu)
  • 3days of stuffing up with carbos and extensive cycling (outdoor or the gym)
  • 3days of protien and vege+fruits and followed by extensive cycling still.
  • 4days of balanced diet (mixed of both sets) with moderate cycling.
Let's see wether I can atleast execute the training. It's for myself ,for gods sake! why i'm i such a lazy bum these days? sigh.
Wish me luck..for the training & the race. Cross fingers for no injuries, or at least, no facial ones . hehehe
toodle loo!

(p/s): a'an dear..please dont mock me on these..i know u cant help it and itching everywhere to do so.


makhluk ijau said...

nk buat skek correction..
day 1 to 3 = hard training.. mkn mcm biasa..
day 4 to 6 = eat more carbos & training still go on..
day 7 to 9 = eat more protein & fruits & training still go on..
day 10 = Event day.

Juraimee said...

some additional..
today = happy birthday

I Am The Vault Dweller said...

happy besday to you...u are born in the zoo, happy besday to you....
happy besday to you....

-lagu besday version zoo negara

ssbm_04 said...

hi azea. Long time no hear. Got my mail. Keep in touch. Bye... Why no more online one???

sHibI said...

babe, good luck =)