12 February 2009


I cant believe there's such thing for a meme...a handbag meme? and i'm tagged. tq yam..i'll get u back soon.

1)Find a silent room away from monsters..
who would be running away from d cookie monsta'?

2) Take a picture of your bag and its content

ere u go

3) Explain about the contents:
  • A big clutch to store almost everything that I'll always bring with in any handbags I wore. (pathetic cosmetic stuff, comb, hairbands+clips, ipod classic, ball pen, fisherman's friend lozenges, a CNY angpau from a boss for contingencies,a tube of lotion, a small roll of dental floss & n i swear i have no idea how an Israel country badge end up in here)
  • A super stuffed with coins and receipts wallet.(with only some cash in it-had an experience with a snatcher before. but he ended up with nothing but 1 punch & 2 sidekicks from me)
  • Hse keys
  • Name card holder
  • This month's monthly travel card
  • My external HD cable with the HD nowhere to be found. hmm..(is it with you,a'an?)
  • Some papers A'an stuffed in my bag which 1 use to make a grocery list.
  • My freebie handbag from Clinique.

  • Some after dengue meds
  • CDs from Khai- d great playlist at his hse warming.

5) What's the most embarassing content of your handbag?
err...the dirt at the bottom of my bag?

6) What is the smallest item in the bag?

again, the dirt as an individual, but if collect in a bunch i'm sure it'll become the biggest item.

7) Tag as much as u want:
i just dont give a damn for this one. huhuhu


BrioII said...

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yam^Artfingers^ said...

werghh...macam poket doraemon lak ko nye bag nehhh...!hahaha.

tq for replying the tag...ape kata pasni aku create toilet meme lak...!nantikan!lol!

Superstar said...

hahaha... my handbag paling less barang kot. i only need my wallet, PSP, ipod, handphone and thats it. and oh, my ciggies! :p