2 January 2008

Resolution+revolution+renovation+bus station. (huh?)

Things we must do as another year ends..aside from joining the crowd counting from 10-0 like kindergarten kids screaming for attention to their counting ability (obviously i didn't join d crowd.went for my weekly futsal as usual.) -is have a brand new list of resolutions which u'll realize that most of them were still there since the last 2-3 years back.(that's me!) To total it up to 4 years, here's my so-called-new list of resolutions..(which i believe u'll be seing most of them again next year.heh)

  1. 5 full prayers
  2. Get my own green laptop
  3. Find my dream hse n buy it!
  4. Vanilla for Papa
  5. Must travel more (1-Beach&Island trip,2-Mount Hiking,2-Overseas Trip)
  6. Join at least 3 MTB events (must finish all 4 stages for PCC this year)
  7. Wash the car more frequently (twice a month)
  8. Call home double than d usual.
  9. blog more with lesser reasons any kind of depression.
  10. Take up dance class or another foreign language class.
  11. (Cant disclose this here..)
  12. Love my family, boyfriend and friends more than ever..

Here's my last year's list of resolutions..i'm proud to claim that i managed to abide to most of them by the 3rd Quarter..(giler bongkak seh!)

  1. Savings -(ASB/Insurance/whatever) RM200 per month-after Ku2 (GOT IT!)
  2. PTD-study & sit for the exam (DONE & OVER WITH!)
  3. House-survey for property (FOUND BUT STILL LOOKING)
  4. 5 full prayers (LOOPHOLES HERE & THERE..Tsk!Tsk..!)
  5. Guitar-must do better (SUBSTITUTE-OFEY)
  6. Vitamin C (YUP! YUP!)
  7. Wall climbing- 2-3times per month (BAHH..!)
  8. Exercise-keep fit.jog.swim. (CYCLING..YEA YEA!)
  9. Futsal/Netball team (FUTSAL TEAM..THE PCD WANNABES)
  10. Family Trips (HMM....)


wanrulez said...

lama dah aku dgr nk beli laptop. still x beli lg ke?
anyway....laptop aku dgn shazmi dulu saper pakai?
ko try le mintak...aku punya dulu tu canggih.

Azealea Dz said...

that is why i'm putting it as 1 of my resolutions for 2008. having a good pc at work and no wireless connection at home makes u feel having a personal laptop can just wait...what laptop i have in mind pun canggih gak..hihi.tungguuuuuu......