3 August 2010

It wasn't that bad at all :)

The Mercury Monsta (022)- June, Me & Syaz

I survived! we survived!
We (Mercury Monsta) finished 33/45 with time 1hr 58mins
First place finished at 1hr 9mins.
49 mins difference for a non-pro like us dah cukup bagusssss :P
Congrats ladies and thanks to all who supported us!

m I'glad with the KKK group as well who finished at 29th place :)

Next... is the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2010
it's a 2 days race (6hrs endurance and 1hr++ sprint)
Another suicide attempt..hi hi


makhluk ijau said...

huyo.. hebat..

Suresh K said...

Izzit me or your nose is getting sharper.haha!