8 January 2011

Have you ever

felt like you desperately need to talk to someone, to pour your heart out about something that has been piling up for so long but you don't know who you can trust? Who can be neutral on what you would be sharing about? Who would not judge you and still feel the same way about you even after knowing what you have spilled? It's not like I have committed a murder or something that serious, but I am no superwomen, and I have feelings, and currently to make it even worse, I am pregnant. So don't forget about this crazy, ridiculous, raging hormones fluctuating faster than any stocks in any share markets!

Sigh.. I am probably starting my nesting period. I cant stop doing the hse chores even when my back n legs are killing me. But somehow these chores calms me down, maybe they take my mind of things. well, at least for a while. In my case, that is good enough considering I have no one to talk to anyway, tried talking to the cat and after 3seconds I felt like a lunatic+nincompoop.

I should just hit the sack,eh. Save the heartache for myself any anyone else. Why not? Night night everyone..hugs!


Skinny Yash said...

u can always talk to me! hehehe

Suresh K said...

Hei do not forget you have me (abit useless) and others who are there for you!

butterfleet said...

sigh too ~ :(

Anonymous said...

igtkan lagu brandy td.. hehehe