21 April 2010

An embarrassing suicide night ride

Date : 20 April 2010
Peeps : Ismanor, Zool, Hassan, Syed & June (on her scoot)
Distance : 30+km
Max speed : 40++km/h
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

I have not got the chance to cycle for the past one week since I was busy with case-closing and the wedding prepartion for my brother in law in Johor Bharu (last weekend and this weekend as well.yes,boo me.bluegh!) So as usual Is has this night ride on the DUKE highway which starts from Ampang (either Ampang point or the Ampang Putra) and heads to Hartamas or Solaris, so I call him up to join the ride since I didn't get to join Farooq for the morning ride, and Is told me to regroup at the usual place. Guess what, I ended up cycling up to Damansara Perdana in +-45mins with only 1 stop at the first toll for less than a minute. I cycled like a Speedy Gonzales trying my best to catch up with the guys. I will lose them at each time at we go ascending by then i will no longer be in the draft with the pack and left to draft on my own. super shoot! Luckily June was there scooting along with her scoot,syg June! :) I don't mind being left behind, but I do bloody mind when the pack had to slow down or stop and wait for me. Owh nooo...how embarrassing! At times like these I wish i'm not a girl at all! And so the first time in my cycling history (after the bad fall in Melaka Sahara Jamboree where i was sent back to base with a jeep) I called A'an to pick up my bike & me home. I have to admit, 1week of cycling holiday with tons of carbo loading can make u weak like a steamed kailan. Since there will be no cycling for me this weekend, I would have to work extra hard until the weekend comes. Ciayok!!

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Suresh K said...

30km, my legs putus lar.haha.Nice experience!