10 April 2010

It Was 'Dam' Muddy but FUN!!

Cruisin @ : Batu Dam, Gombak.
Date : 11 April 2010
Peeps : A'an, Fio, Pyan, Jack Sunshine & Pa'an
Distance : km -have yet to get a new cateye.
Max speed : km/h --have yet to get a new cateye.
Average speed : N/A (yet) -have yet to get a new cateye.
Cal burn : N/A (yet) -have yet to get a new cateye /polar? hehhe

It was drizzling since before dawn, while the rest of the weekend warriors canceled their cycling plans, A'an was determined to go for it not even a tornado can stop him. (He was too busy to ride lately and the next two weekends as well, so..it's either today or next month!) so it was muddy and Jack's v-breaks were screaming like a pair of angry Nazgul's! Mine didn't :) I had my new clips and pedals on, this would be my 2nd offroad experience with these babies.. The 1st one was at FRIM with Is and the Adam's family. I had 1 endo plop! and 1 silly fall. where i had to spent the next 2days resting my scars, aches & bruises off. this time it was getting better. I finally had the muscle memory (a teeny weeny one) and managed to only get 1 small silly fall. Yeahoo!! So how do you like my new tattoo? :)


Drama Mama said...

ok tattoo itu adalah sangat cool! hiks


JoJo said...

Can you pleeeeeeeeease be more careful!!!

Azealea Dz said...

okay, mummy Jo! I will :p