21 April 2010

Semangat Kentang!!

Date : 21 April 2010
Peeps : Farooq
Distance : 28+-km (Ampang - Melawati up to Daim's residence -Ampang)
Max speed : km/h (both didn't bring along the gadget)
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

Yup! I went for a ride again this morning. I was all flat like a dead fish early in the morning until Farooq sms came in for a ride. Yeaaahhh!! Funny how a sport could make u all charged up and flat and charged up again within just 12 hours. In 20mins we meet up at Flamingo's and head on. it was my 1st ride ever on MRR2 and up to Melawati. and not to mention, Daim's 'little' place :) we went up until the gate to the dam and turn back to the along the Melawati area and then Farooq lead me back for a second loop. Oh ooooo! I screamed a bit out of ..I don't know, shock maybe and told him to go ahead and I'll just wait since I dare not to push myself too much for I do not want to be too tired for my appointment later, but then maybe out of empathy he decided to turn back as well :p (I hate it when people had to turn back for others but since he explained he need to finish early anyway, so I dare not to argue further.heh) It was all cycling for my watermelon juice then. Then we head home, hit the showers and head out for my 1pm appointment. I love the feeling after the fresh shower,after a good workout. My whole body and mood felt loose and light and my appointment turn out to be a successful one! To hell with the tan line and Oyeahh...I love my weekday & weekend warriors! (Yes, you know who you are!!)

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