10 March 2008

Misai,baby? is that u?

How the hell did our baby Misai get there???!!

Sat Mar 8, 1:22 AM ET

CLEVELAND - A scrawny, black and white female kitten has apparently survived a trip across the Pacific Ocean and North America inside a shipping crate. Cleveland Animal Protective League Executive Director Sharon Harvey says a Cleveland company that received the crate of spooled steel coil Friday found the kitten inside one the spools.

This is our actual baby Misai... a male. I miss u babe!! Miss having you on the keyboard seeking for attention from us who were too busy Counter Striking! Miss looking at you staring out the window and wagging your tail excitedly at the jumping & screaming kids from the nursery next door. Long for the hide & seek games..
haiya..must go see you la in one of these days...must.must.
Ampang CS peeps, (Ofey,Wawa,A'an & Man) jom??


yusman said...

jom p jmpa misai dis weekend...huuhuhu

Azealea Dz said...

wokeh! tanya rasyid bila dia ada umah ok? kita layan cs se'round 2 skali aci x?

ofey said...

i miss misai too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ni kembar ke apa...