5 March 2008

2 Naughty Jakarta Monkeys!

Victor(white sweater), Tesna(Green striped) & Dion (goofy face with blue sweater..haha)

This is Indra & Ayu (from SCAN Jakarta)

Indera (Most left) Ayu(front) -Family Randevous'08 @ Damai Laut.

L-R: Indera,Victor, Ayu, ABE :)

Indra:Hi,may i speak to Miss Azi? Are u still interested to work with us in Jakarta?(
Indo accent)
Me: Yes, what??
(Wondering when d hell did i applied for a job in Jakarta..)
(i made him repeat himself a few times)
Me: For what post am i offered now,again?
Indra: Err..
whispering- finance ya? Ooo..ya, Finance..finance.
Me: Owh, no then. I'm not qualified for..wait. Is this Indra?
Indra: Ahahahah
Ayu: Hey Azi...kenal tak siapa ni...
Me: Monyet!!!! Ni ayu n indra ya...jahattttt....
Ayu: Kenapa nama kami tak ada dlm farewell post azi??
Hazim: Wei, kitorg tgh tgk blog ko nih...aku balik Msia minggu ni..
Me: Ciskek!! Siap korang.

Here is a tribute to my fellow friends in Jakarta (some has left SCAN,but still..u guys are a great bunch of people i would cherish for life) they were a wonderful hosts & hostess when we went for the Jakarta-Bandung trip 2005..Dion,Tesna & Victor, thank you for the crazy night around Jakarta! Ayu,Indera & Victor..u guys were great & fun during our Family Randevous'08 in damai Laut! Total sport! Hope too see you guys again next time..do keep in touch ya!! HUGGGSSSS!!!

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anomalies said...

hahahahaha.... i'm a naughty monkey xD~

did i ? *evil grin*