19 March 2008

My 1st Putrajaya Night Ride.

Date : 13 March 08
Peeps : Me, A'an, Syaz, Hafiz, Lyn & Zul
Distance : 8 km (hahahha..pathetic me)
Max speed : 42 km/h

Me & A'an were late. The rest went on without us at 8.30pm and we arrived at 10pm!! Hafiz is a true roadie now with his new Scott (new airbrush,mind u) and shiny-tights roadie attire and i remembered he told me once Offroad will always be No.1..(yeah,rite..-mentally eyes rolling) Syaz was fussing about her tired-sweaty look which i think she looks perfectly gorgeous as usual. So me & A'an went on racing and challenged each other for the stairs. God, i need a new fork! I love the fact that there was no traffic & ugly-trapping road holes to worry about. How i wish we were there earlier..*sigh*



hehe..its ok, we will ride there again soon..but dont be late after this okay..im a true rodie ke? hhehe..i think im crazy about it now since the bike got a new skin..and i got a new skin aswell (dah gelap dah aku),my mtb dah berabuk dah kat rumah, but i miss offroad. Putrajaya was fun rite?..less dangerous compared to town ride with nice view as well..we will go there again..


forget to mention on the 1st comment, as a roadie, to be complete im gonna shave/wax my bulu kaki soon..hehehe.. :)

Azealea Dz said...

shave ur legs???? OMG.there goes another one straight guy...hahhaa

Suresh K said...

Hei i also got bicycle, but dont have happening suits all, more to kampung rider, how can join or not!!!!hehe!!!