7 June 2007

Gals Nite Out..

(Sugar Nites)
<<---------------------- O yeah, that's right..this is one of the girls night out..can't seem to get the weekends for my outdoor xtivities lately..so,aside from my monday futsal frenzy, this would be one of my sweaty xtivities over the weekdays. it's still healthy considering i didn't smoke nor drink..fooh...
(Wild K-roke Nite)
- ------------------------->>
For good lungs n heart(yeah,rite), i go karaoke. yeay. with Didie in d hse,u wont need pills/shots or weed to go crazy n hyper.. her 'stunts' (dats what i classify her moves as) were addictive.i never knew i could go that crazy dat nite.we totally trashed the place,man..(6 of us..including shidah-the married one,has n didie's fren) hey..it's been ages since i blogged in huh? i miss myself posting in here..pathetic, yeah..i know. so what? i'm just trying make it clear that i'm still alive n kicking (and blogging)..huhu
. Cheers....


rational thinker said...

what happened to my invitation? :(

your gals looking good..:D

Azealea Dz said...

hey babe! invite? what invite? jgn puji sgt..diorg tu cepat kembang semangkok..huhu. how r u doin? bila mau mamak lagi?