4 April 2008

Jet lag in Lisbon

It's 10.30pm here in Lisbon = 5.45am in M'sia... GOD! I'm soooo damn sleepy. But I have to complete this chart of tuna price list! the 12hrs flight to amsterdam was tiring...the transit of 7hours for our flight to Lisbon was another thing...grrhhhh. The day after tomorrow, I'll be flying off to Madrid then Vigo,Spain. Then after 3-4 nights, back o amsterdam for another 2 nights...u thinking what i'm thingking?? jamaican hash brownies..hahhahahhhaha
I miss msia already...*sigh*


Anonymous said...

we missed u already lorr...!!


Azealea Dz said...

hey dear..i miss evryone!! altho its surprisingly magnnificent here...msia is still the best to me.. aaa..... i wanna go home. all i do is eat eat n eat. i´m a fat cow now. hahah

ofey said...

i miss ur jerawat u know! hahah