5 July 2007

Kau Kacak + Aku Malu...!!

He Who Claimed 2 Be d' very d' Kacak

It's just a pic that A'an likes so much..for he thinks he looked good n macho n kacak n d list goes on.. :p
Nothing much about the pic xcept that, it was at Azhar's wedding in Ipoh (my collegue) n i sort of embarrassed myself!!
HAhahahahhahHAHhaHAHhHahha..my boss (Shazmi) enjoys joking about it for the sake of irritating me to my skull n laugh out loud looking at my beetroot face! (i hate u shazzy!! argghhh..) -n yes, i still want my bonus,TQ.
back to the point (wish i dont haf to..) after stuffng our face with the food at the wedding, n it was timeto get in n congratulate the bride+bridegroom which both tengah bersanding cantek2 dah ni..(sigh..) Shazmi went first n tepung tawar them..then niza n kawi...then a'an..then me..so then i handshake the bride n the bridegroom(azhar)..but he sort of in shocked n 'jerkah' me..n i realized..i wasnt supposed to salam him..argghhhh...i was sooo embarrassed,in a dash i was outside the hse n 4got the bunga telur n everything..(aaa..malunyee! malunyeee!)
well..there goes another joke of azea humiliating herself for year 2007.
Thank you.

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