10 December 2007

Simply because it's a bloody Morn-day..

Why do i blog?
  1. To pass the time (compose & read them back over n over n over again.haih.)
  2. Something to show off to my future kins that i too, once know what IT is..(no matter how patheticthis is)
  3. Incase of STML-short term memory loss or Alzheimer or Amnesia, this should be very-very helpful.
  4. To be reminded of each feelings i had during the events & while composing each entry.
  5. An easy way out in updating friends+family & answering the "What's up?" Qs..
  6. Signs of depression...
Me, having a blast..
  1. A combo hug (consist of both Mummy+Papa) after being away from home for too long.
  2. Shoulder rubs by firm-warm hands after a long day. (plus points if its a man.heh)
  3. A warm clean towel after a long cold/warm bath.
  4. On my bed,laying flat on the belly,eating a bowl of choclate ice cream while catching up on the series of SCRUBS
  5. On my bike, after an uphill.......
  6. Scored a goal in between the keeper's legs. (i'm talking about futsal here..)
  7. Curled up under the covers on a rainy day...(how i wish for this day to come!)
What's in my bag..
  1. almost 5 year old purse
  2. keys (hse & car)
  3. reese's pieces-peanut butter candy in a crunchy shell.( YUM!)
  4. mentos (from Niza's wedding doorgift)
  5. Name cards
  6. Swiss army pen knife
  7. 7-e lighter
  8. make up pouch (pathetically consist of a DKNY red apple miniture,rarely used compact powder & blusher,brown eyeliner
  9. CRAP'tree&evelyn frangrance strip
  10. clean tissues (wow!)
  11. michael moore's 'dude where's my country' book.
  12. parker pen & a card holder.
  13. the rest (used movie tickets etc) belongs to those who borrowed my bag and has forgotten to clean 'em up.

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