19 December 2007

Jelajah Wangsa Maju (16 Dec 2007)

It's all about this one day event..another agenda by YBs to gain popularity..which i don't care about much :) all we wanted 2 do was...Kayuhhhhh....!! (the total distance for us from Yus's place and back was 32km!! wow....there goes all the carbos!yeay!)

Lost...on our way to the starting event. Lesson learned,must not trust rumors for venue :)

finally there and amazed by the line of free bicycle (not for us..boohoo) and vespas..mari merempit..

mat rempit yg sakan merempit.

baguiihh anak pak..Bro Zul, Bro Yus n son Adin-doa recital for d opening ceremony.

the waiting... -the ongoing speeches ...*sigh.

The chemical brothers (Hafiz & Taufiq)

..and we're finally off!

Here we go...released by shirt colours (Yellow, Red and lastly Blue)

1st stop- to wait for those who were left behind (oops!) -yellow& red shirts'ers

Rock steady..

2nd stop -Yusop, ur not suppose to be here with the Blue shirt'ers! go back to Reds!!

3rd Stop- Yusop and his Aesop...haha


Lucky draw numbers for the unlucky ones..US.

Branded. Next stop..ZOUK??!

This is a'an s new hair do..must wear your helmet for 4hours min to get this wave-like hair.

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