26 December 2007

Kemensah: Secret Trail-Jimbara d' rocky road.

Date : 15 Dec 2007
Peeps : Azea,A'an,Bro.Zul&Yusop
Distance : 8.9km
Max speed : 41 km/h
Average speed : N/A (yet)
Cal burn : N/A (yet)

We were there early as usual (early: before the parking fee collector guy starts working)

Came across this on our way up, kids having a blast blasted by the firemen.

And then, we know why...all the best kids..it's not going to be a lasting blast after all :)

phill secret trail.1st stop-mosquitos attacksssss.

A'an & Yusop failed to keep their cool like Zul

Holey handle bar!

The way down Jimbara trail. A super rocky one.A'an can't even take a sharp pic!

It's a flat! Bah! TQ Zul!! I know how to handle this now..yeay!

Fave part..scrub-a-dub-dub. the bike's turn to have a blast!


Diyanazman said...

goshhh.. looks like super duper fun...

Azealea Dz said...

which one? d bike ride or the kids having a super shower? hihihi