24 December 2007

It's all about u here, Shazzy dear..!

It has been almost 2 weeks now since Shazmi left us SCANners to be an EXXONers.
Sorry for the late &simple tribute,for i'm all alone here to handle the lonely dept now.
I could never get another boss like you, nor anyone could be a boss like u.
U were like a dream boss and a fantastic friend at the same time.
The workloads we handled together, the bitchings we did at our free time (and get at most of the time.heh), the talks & listenings..in a nutshell, u were always there during d ups n downs and i am thankful for having a friend like you.

Here are some pics of Shazmi (my newly ex-boss) and me and the rest of the clan (collegue), to bring back happy memories and wonderful moments together....

All suit up! AGM 2007

'We need one more baloon ur hiding under d shirt,Shazzy" Aidilfitri Open Hse 2006

The emcee -Bbuka Puasa 2007

(Gg,Me,Niza,Shazzy)-Aidilfitri Open Hse 2007

The king & his queens (Shazzy,Gg,Idzzy)- Family Randevous 2007

Shazzy d Man -Shazzy's Bday Partayyy 2007 (D Zon & Sugar)

The rivals being civil-PingPong 2007

The pirates being pirates -Family Randevous 2007

OMG, u look fair!! -Niza's wedding 2007

The Malay & not so fair Chinese -Nazrul's wedding 2006

Bbuka Puasa 2007

Family Randevous 2007

Marriot dinner & HRC nite.

He bought fruits he did not eat!

The Hakka karaoke-ing -Family Fiesta 2006

The clan. -Family Randevous 2007

Sorry for the weight i put u in, but it's a good sign of happiness!!
Bon Voyage to a new place..
M sure we'll keep in touch!


Shazmi said...

thanks azi...so sos weet...terharu gue....i miss having u around...so much !

take care and we'll always be here for each other...hugz n muackx

haniza said...

yes....we will miss you shazzy

Diyanazman said...

everybody misses shazzy... :(

Azealea Dz said...

luckly we can still have lunch together..gossiping is a must!

Carmel said...

This is great info to know.