31 December 2007

my 1st solo ride..

Date : 29 Dec 2007
Peeps : Me, me & me.

Distance : 14.8km

Max speed : 47km/h

Average speed : N/A (yet)

Cal burn : N/A (yet)

It was just around the Bukit Ampang route...but the uphill was not that bad. Thanks to Hafiz who brought me there the 1st time.I did 2 rounds on my 1st time there, and 3 rounds on my solo ride. (There was no one to see you chicken out..haha) I bet if there was anyone else, i'll push myself for more rounds. hehe. On my 3rd round,I thought it was going to be a normal ride as i could imagine me arriving home, d 2 cheerful securityguards greeting me,have my shower etc2..I thought wrong. The chain was jammed and i did everything to yank it out but to no avail.I sms'ed a few dependable peeps and waited. (I was actually singing to myself and used my foot to yank the bottom chain and make it worse.)

"special teeth profiles shifting" how ironic.Then came one sweaty angel (jogger who introduced himself as Shafie') helped the damsel in distress..(what a drama queen) he did 5 forceful yanks and..voila! I was saved. He declined my offer to treat him for a drink and went off cheerfully.(no joke)Thank you very much Shafie'..u saved my day.. I went off..relieved and somehow happy that it wasn't a normal ride at all...Then i stopped by the Ampang Sports Planet, i intended to watch the tournament which is canceled so i chit chatted with the workers there then joined a group of girls for a 2omins futsal game..(in d end realized Farah, Ale's wife was one of them.heee) then went home to get ready for a movie at d Pavilion with Maksu n d lil'gremlins.(ended with Ampang Point & KLCC) i could swear that my feet was swollen twice d size :) The day before was spent on shopping at the Adventure&Sports Exhibition for 4hours non-stop. At least i didnt get a backpain like Hafiz. That's what i call "shop till u drop"! hahahahaha

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