19 December 2007

Babysitting on a friday nite..

Maksu had a function to attend on last Friday night.The maid is still in Bandung.
Guess who had to babysit these 2 lil'gremlins (Izzati & Elissa) ?!

('Monkey see monkey do' by Izzati)
**I tot i did a good job bribing them to stay put with a slurrpy..damn i was sooo wrong!
They really did put up to the nickname i gave.

Ofey was busy with the Anugerah Skrin 2007 event so i had backup for me that night..an assitant who would say NO to all my desire!! Guess whooo....

The HULK saved the day entertaining the gremlins..(more like being bullied,hihi)

The good thing was, he found his favourite stuffed toy. A care bear with removable undies! what a paedophile!Anywho, he did an amazing job. the gremlins like him a lot.
(and so the rest of the toys he stripped)

The HULK,rewarded with home cooked dinner.
You did an amazing job..
Thank you, Mr.HULK!!


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