15 December 2007


Yeeup. We got lost. But we managed to find our way out or else, i wont be able to blog about it,wont i? It was last Saturday, at Damn Batu. It was raining the earlier that night so the route were damp and yeah..there's porridge-like ones too.(Yummy!) And of course, hungry leeches cheering by the sides, sniffing to get close and get luckier,suck some blood out of us.Wonderful lake view.Got chased by dogs,got lost a few times, cross and re-cross a few stream...make a few u-turns..30mins later (out of 100+) finally we managed to find the right route..Thanx,Fio..for your 'confidence' earlier..hahah. The downhill was not as bad. Quite a rocky one and i would have to blame my roxshox judy for this...We went roadie on our way out..almost 10km of ups n downs of the genting-kl highway (the old one)...it was already 12pm so we pant like a dog..hoho..but we were consoled with Fio's favourite Nasi Ayam Special in Gombak.Ahh..Nyam-nyam. yep..it was certainly a first lost encounter for me..DAMNATION! We were lost at the DAMN!!

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