16 October 2008

Speedo fwoggies

I needed a new pair of goggles and it was on 50% discount and A'an was eager to get one for himself too (so he can drown in style, i guess.hehehe)
Owwh..i love the smell of new stuff.
Speedo weedo, baybeee!


Suresh K Naidu said...

hei guys!!!you look like good fish hahahah!!!!

makhluk ijau said...

jom swim..

Diyanazman said...

hak hak! sengal.... I loike!! haha

ofey said...

mak aii aan dah macam posing version aku ja...with google izzati~

Azealea Dz said...

hahha...gold fish is not s cute as a frog la sumeng! i want fwoggie!

sis..nanti i letak ur face with the pink goggles k? hahaha